Shallow from the Inside

How long has it been…

since I have swallowed my pride…

to look out from the inside.

My own reflection?

                                      Is it true?

Subdue, subdue, subdued.

There are new, old pieces of me I cannot fit together.

No matter the crevice.

No matter the wanting of…somehow, somehow.

Simpler to be always good?

Simpler to be sometimes bad?

Abandoned in Alfred

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Moments lost, moments gained.

A mere shattered piece of glass.

Abandoned buildings…no questions asked.

There is no acquittal.

Though the deserted lands have been falsely accused.

What bias have the builders used?


I suppose we see ourselves differently than these windows see.

Wholesale, retail, ambivalent, entities.

I have been fighting 49, as the years spread out.

Like a jilted structure.

Not user-friendly.

Discarded to a forgotten town.

Left to age…historically…on my own.