One Toke Over the Pain…Sweet Jesus!

Due to age, injury and heredity…I have degenerative arthritis.  It is what it is.  Everyday for me is a ‘act as if day.’

Act as if there is no pain.  Act as if the zen like walk outside isn’t, on occasion, interrupted by searing pain.  Act as if…all the pain medication…produces relief.

Yet, Big Pharma, and, the doctors would rather see me on chemicals to which…we really do not realize what their repercussions…will be.

Further still, when I inquire about the healing use of medicinal marijuana…I am just encouraged to keep on popping!

Jim Belushi is far from the first celebrity to get into the legal pot game. Stoned luminaries like Willy Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and the Marley family are selling pot with their names on it in multiple states across the country, but Belushi’s doing something different. These other celebrities have simply created a brand that they then license to pot farmers, whereas Belushi is actually growing the pot on his own property, often with his own hands.

Belushi started slowly, first with a small medical grow three years ago and then transitioning into a full recreational farm with multiple outdoor and indoor gardens. He’s been selling his carefully curated set of strains for two years but only recently decided it was time to put his name on the label. Pot shoppers in Oregon can now buy weed from Belushi’s Farm.

I caught up with the former Saturday Night Live (SNL) star by phone a few weeks ago. The actor and musician’s voice was hoarse from singing at a community party he throws on his farm every year. We talked about what it’s like growing legal pot, working with David Lynch, a vape pen of his that’s been making the rounds in Beverly Hills, and how he thinks medical marijuana could have saved his brother John Belushi’s life.

Do you think if medical marijuana was around then it could have helped him?

I think what we know about marijuana today, if we knew in the ’70s, a lot more people would be alive, including my brother. Danny Aykryod said, ‘If your brother John was a pothead he would be alive today.’

The medicine of marijuana will help prevent the collapse of families. I came from a collapsed family and the trauma of John’s death, you could imagine, and I’ve always been in search of family because of it. And this family of marijuana cannabis people is a terrific family. They’re all being led by the plant.

But the wellness of cannabis is not just for Alzheimer’s, headaches, anxiety—it also enhances the sound of music. It sparks creativity. It enhances the taste of food. It enhances the touch of your lover’s skin. It also gives you euphoria, a sense of joy, and a higher consciousness. So there’s wellness all across.

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A New Hampsha Swan Song

If New Hampshire had a winter’s tale to brag about.  A lyrical satirical version of the not so iced down truth.  A poem set to a beat of a different dumb but forgotten drummer…I’d like to think it would go something like this-

New Hampsha’s fifty shade of under the weather

Big plow trucks keep turning…

Carrying me home to see my too much time in the shade friends

Singing songs about the Forgetten Ice land

I miss the Old Man once again

And, yes, I think that is what this over populated with too many righteous catholics state would call a sin

Well I heard mister Scott Brown sing about our old Sir

Well I heard ole Scott put his bid in to run things up the political flag pole

Nothing worse than the winter time blues

Well I hope dear Scott will remember

A New Hampshire resident isn’t a senator by just by being a Masshole

(and New Hampshire isn’t his home town anyhow)

Sweet Shut IN state New Hampshire

Where the skies are such a sweet suicidal gray

Sweet Shut IN state New Hampshire

Lord, my feet are a weird tone of blue

In Concord they love to hire a geriatric legislature (boo, boo, boo)

All us youngster did what we could do

Now electing Alzheimer’s victims to run the show does not bother me

Does your Obama-care cover you?

Tell the truth

Sweet Shut IN state New Hampshire

Where the skies are such a sweet suicidal gray

Sweet Shut IN state New Hampshire

Lord, my feet are a weird tone of blue

Now Aerosmith has hit the big time

And they’ve been known to blow a line or two

Lord they could qualify for AARP

They pick me up when I’m feeling hell has frozen over and rigor mortis is nothing new

Now how bout you?

Sweet Shut IN state New Hampshire

Where the skies are such a sweet suicidal gray

Sweet Shut IN state New Hampshire

Lord, my feet are a weird tone of blue

Sweet home New Hampsha

Oh, frozen tundra

Where the townsfolk are so depressed and screwed

And the weather is 50 shades of below zero

And we are all mushrooms held in closet

Dark, closeted and fed a lot of bullshit too!