Amazon in Bohemian Clothes!

It does no good to look toward pain for, yet, another day.

It will await me either way.

IT will hold my hand, as it always does.

Making love to me with ITS vicious touch.

I will pay respect to the searing stab, as I always do.

I will allot transgressions…their due.


But I am a proud woman warrior in bohemian clothes.

And, as vague ability diminishes.

So shall my inner strength grow.

Any day,

when the battle between pain and I reunite…

I will go on fighting well into the night.

Chain Smoking Amazon


The night crawled on me.imageedit_69_5723362993

Through my scalp.

Along the curves of my throat.

An abyss had come to stay.


Foreboding and antagonistic.

Clinging like a flea.

Promises swung about in the electric heat.

Deliberation whispering…

‘There are things we must not repeat.’


Scarlet rivers flowed with the falling pipe dreams on the wall.

Two worlds without dominions clashed.

My chain smoking amazon had taken a coffee break.

Leaving no mystic to take her place.


Hanging atop my vertigo tower.

Reduced to taking a fall.

I sprinted away.

Whispering loudly,

‘I may not be able to run. ┬áBut I can still crawl.’