Ambien and the 7 Deadly Sins

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Who doesn’t want a new drug?

There are drugs for pissing.  Pills for snoring.  Tablets for dirty toenails.

I know I need a new drug for overactive dog syndrome.  Perhaps, Ambien and Ativan with a slow mix of Nyquil to settle the stomach.

Traveling from New Hampshire to Western North Carolina urban legend had it that the nearly twenty hour trip could be done in a day with the following combination:

Vicodin, Vivarin and Vodka!

Given a keen sense of testing every not so true suggestion, the lethal ingestion was taken just outside of Epsom, N.H., and did not stop letting itself be heard until Black Mountain, North Carolina.

News not so New!

The United States government doesn’t want to legalize pot but would love for us to swallow

Dear Reader,

THIS JUST IN: An insider near Washington D.C. has just blown the lid off the 7 Deadly Drugs the U.S. Government can’t wait for you to swallow.

I wish I could say this was just a conspiracy theory, but this whistleblower has concrete evidence “the powers that be” are shoving pure poison down your throat… and laughing all the way to the bank, while you’re carted off to the graveyard.

Who knows how long this list will be up before “Big Brother” catches on… so don’t wait a moment longer.

Whistleblower Reveals

  • Diabetes prescription drugs (Actos, Avandia, Byetta, Metformin and others) are #6 on our list of the 7 Most Dangerous Drugs
  • Chemotherapy, #7 on our list of the 7 Most Dangerous Drugs.
  • Alzheimer’s prescription drugs… #4 on our list of the 7 Most Dangerous Drugs.

The list goes on and on and on.  What is amazing, however, is the following statistic:

Ambien is the most dangerous pill on the market today.  Essentially it is it’s own Mother’s little helper to suicide.

it looks like sleeping pills could be as risky as smoking cigarettes,” states study leader Daniel Kripke, M.D., a professor of psychiatry emeritus at University of California. “It looks much more dangerous to take these pills than to treat insomnia another way



Over 400 billion dollars goes into marketing these ‘FDA’ approved pills for a pill society.  Backed and insured with the U.S. seal of approval.

I hate pills.  I despise having to be controlled by them.  Worse yet, there is an aching in the pit of my stomach every time I find myself shackled to a dose of this and that so I can avoid the doctor because I have no insurance.

Wonder if those boys and girls getting ready to shut down the ‘legislative powers that be’ have themselves a good health plan?


Neanderthal Woman

Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thoughts on Ambien not so Full of Grace:
So, languidly and apologetically, I must say something. Not all twenty-somethings are the missing link to Neanderthal woman and Attack of the Fifty foot Dumbed Down Dyed Blonde.

P.S. Send Beckett Couvillion my love
Send Beckett Couvillion my love

Not all attempt to defraud the government and profess a yearning to better the world in one false swoop of ignorant bliss.
Some pay their way through college on their dime and on their time and raise a family, sometimes with Baby Daddy, most often not.
Most do not claim indecent exposure of the plus side of life; they managed to work, volunteer, balance good with bad and cry at night once the kids are a sleep.
The handfuls of upper middle class ‘I want to be an adult…I really do!’ that live with Mum and Daddy. Rake sawdust to better the environment and pray to no higher power. These children dressed in Trazodone/Ambien disguise prey off the idea that ‘someone somewhere owes them something.’

Today there had been a beautiful woman to the likes I had never seen. She was balancing a child on one hip, scolding another child and handing out commands as though she had been running the tightest ship in the shipping business.
She gives to the local community via their needs and wants. She is proud and strong and versatile in what is given…for she and many like her know all too well what is needed.
She is a daughter to the next generation. No mother or father to pave a path of bad intentions and spoiled sexual ideation topped with gender bender idealism.
AmeriCorps VISTA, FEMA, spoilers of the spoiled brats have handed down karaoke machines, sweet drinks and open mic nights to these Romney descendants. The 1% of America that her majesty should disown. There are no nude portraits. No fingers held behind the back to which the Annie/Ambien’s speak promises with forked tongue. There is a generation out there willing to pay their fair share. Pick up the mess and gluttony of my group of wanton hippies and attempt to make the grass green again.
Why is it the privilege few are marking every leg with the scent of oblivious inadequacy? The papered in money few are soiling the lot of the working class.
Again, there are your tax dollars at work.
I suppose there is nothing we can do but POP another Ambien and hop it all goes away.

An Ambien Knock Off

Did not I cast the first stone  And then justify the blame
Did not I cast the first stone
And then justify the blame

What if I came at you with such loose labels as; fag, dyke, nigger, towelhead?
Where did the labels and the name calling begin? Does it sit with me, a woman deemed by many to have no soul, a romantic vulture and/or a narcissist who is in it to win it?
Has my ego became so large that what seems like a Robin Hood idealism is nothing but a poorly painted shell without a psyche? Had I given into the thought of turning the tables? Helping a baby dyke with diaper changing? Allowed for a path to be shown and to which, every Ambien volunteer could veer right or left. Was the purposeful lesson of ‘dignity for all’ an idea that started from within and, slowing given the option to be drawn upon a photographer’s lens with no right or wrong picture…
Indeed, am I politically correct to consider my own kind denouncing ME and US by their own admission of ignorance and indifference a vagrant’s vain attempt of learning through osmosis?
Had I offered the nakedness of picture taking perfect as an easy out? A simplictic yes or no answer? A fourth grader’s mechanical choice of right or wrong?
Because my spotted calf had chosen what sat behind door number one, homophobic lesbianism,on her own…she personally went about slicing the throats of all who walked a similar beat. A decision made for the sake of ‘the highest reward’ a parent’s grace.
Had all the obvious roads not taken been made more childlike, a toddler would have sat in my bed. But that was not the case.
If there is not an equation set before the dumbfounded and confused what there ever be an answer? And,, does anyone have the right to choose our rights by ignoring the hard-earned paths of others.
Philanderer, philosopher or plain old, sex fiend…I suppose that would be a tough call.
Yet, when the offer of an open door policy is erected within the rules of couple-dom, is it not the choice that makes us moral or not?
I have decided this:
To an extent to which there have been so much bullying by indifference that a Pavlov’s Dog needed to come to life.
I hung the treat in front of the young and naïve subject’s mouth and offered reward and/or punishment.
How can it be when given these options there is no right or wrong, just a simple and complete means to an end:
Choosing to work legitimately as most adults do/ Opting to work without acknowledgement of tax and therefore, indeed taking food from the mouths of the poor.
AmeriCorps/VISTA/FEMA exploiting the good nature of her republic by ignoring the simple facts; partying, dancing, karaoke, free housing and 24/7 access to social media versus: volunteering without pay for the sake of volunteering without need for reward other than self fulfillment.
Opting to choose the consequences of our behavior and/or hiding behind labels and faulty advertisement and hidden surnames.
We all have choices!
Point of the matter, the lack of prayer in the classroom, the distance between war and peace, the hatred for each other that derives itself from an unknown origin, all stems from our own ability to evade the choice which maybe difficult. The ulterior motives in all of us, once laid out like a fresh turd on a hot’s summer’s day is our downfall.
The Ambien’s, the Annie‘s, the Brittany‘s and the Jeremy‘s of our nation’s newest real reality show are but simple knock offs. For it is far easier to fashion one’s self to difference than proclaim the choice ourselves

we are only what our choices allow us to be
we are only what our choices allow us to be


Mishandled and Misrepresented

if it's white collar, I've committed the crime
Some say I look quite a bit like Martha Stewart.

if it’s white collar, I’ve committed the crime 


Broads Centre Private Property warning sign
Broads Centre Private Property warning sign (Photo credit: ell brown)

Public nudity? Public intoxication? Defrauding the government? Sex on private property? Use and abuse of illegal substances? Graduated bottom of my class and now working under an alias with alien Barbie‘s for a cause?
The list is endless.
If conformity, habitual lying, crying wolf and taking on other’s personalities put me in segregation from Un-Natural people…prison or day camp for addicts…my parent’s would give a donation to a wing in my honor.
Perhaps, a bronze plague above the tub I used to find myself in whilst in college. Naked, high and on Ambien…
It is hard to know where the next unadulterated violation will occur. Perhaps, bending friendships into misshaped ideas of my rights and their wrongs.
Or, the mishandling and misrepresentation of Beckett Couvillion the third, dog wonder, while he takes a shit on someone’s lawn.
My future is so bright…I have to wear shades and assume the bend over position.
Can’t blame a dyed blonde for trying to be something she’s not…after all it’s the All American White Girl’s Wet Dream.

Ma and Pa Kennels

…spent hundreds on flowers for her to arrive on a random day…Fuck Penny!
She wasn’t trustworthy. She didn’t always think of me. And, I didn’t know what to do because she was the best thing in my life.
The trials and tribulations of finding that one true love by an empty heart often times leads to the truth. Like pulling a Band-Aid off quick instead of waiting for the slow burn.
I spent five long agonizing months uncovering the aimless young adult from Concord, New Hampshire. Waiting for the first move and avoiding the bad sex.
Being married to a woman of depth, the shallow pool that lay before me seemed very murky and covered in bias.
That first day at work, you jumped up on the trunk of your car and patted a place on the trunk next to you. There was supposed to be training done…you wanted to train me in other ways.
You wanted me to sit next to you and have a cigarette.
So, I did.
See, even than I was well trained
Then you told me about the rapes, the bad relationships, and the mistreatment from girlfriends, your mother and Penny.
Every little sordid detail you told me
Then you asked me what I thought you should do.
Than you went away on Vacation with Mommy Dearest and your father-Martha’s Vineyard, I think it was. You sent me pictures of you in a bikini!
You asked to be friends on Facebook in between and I knew from that you had other intentions. You said, you had been creeping on me.
You told me that Mark and Kevin both teased you because they said you had a crush on me
I tried to hook you up with Steph because you needed to get laid…. Course, there was the buzzing me up front when you didn’t need me and the avoiding of running the desk so you could spend time in the kennels with me…showing me your other profession, posing naked. You cornered me in a pen with a naked picture of your ass. I wonder what the department of worker’s rights would think about that.
Then you giggled.
Then the chase was on. The buying of the morning coffees, the texts saying, ‘hey, guess what I have on under my shirt?’
My patented response: I give, what?
The next stage of exhibition came:
Guess what? I don’t have any underwear on.’

The best ideas are those with a storyline. Still happily married, the hunt remains ON. The Gracie’s, the Ambien’s, the Annie’s and the WTF continue with the passing of each politically mistaken day.

Ambien Grace...the truth unplugged
Ambien Grace…the truth unplugged