Carnival of Eccentricity

carnival 1


Shagged, dragged,

tar and feathered.

Talking myself into a jail.

Bad mouthing bail.

carnival 2

The king and I…perhaps not.


Queen of perverse heart.

Heroine in stolen shopping carts.




Though I dwell in the house of anonymity,

there is no universal fit for me.

Solo, I may seem.

However, a band of jokers disperse like a globe trotting team.

Together, searching the forest for the trees.

We pledge allegiance to a freaky university.

Nothing namesake,

non pedigree,

anti synchronicity.

carnival 3

Part and parcel,

full fledged,

member of the carnival crew.

Coming to a soapbox…near you.


carnival 5

at my Fingertips


write to wander 2

The anonymity of the life we’ve built

Purposes to hide behind the post of guilt.

It is the distance that remains unclear.

Blind faith in all that is neither here nor there.

A world becoming virtually…unaware.

We no longer feel the punish,

nor, the sin.

No further, does the spirit travel than idealistic begin…again.

Nothing penned for you that isn’t someone else’s truth.

No resolve in the lack of mystery behind our keys


our board, spaces.

No, I knew love before it became a four letter word.

No more, open the window to feel the cold.