Lies…the cousin that nobody wants to talk about

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Dear Higher Power…forgive us for we know not what we do-history-james-nachtwey/

An aging mind is like an ancient analog clock.  With no fancy battery…it needs to be spun daily.  So, therefore, it is only natural, that many ‘oh, shit’ moments, pass us bye…Like good-bye.  In the middle of the night, when the old Timex stops, forever, at 4:18, a.m.

Stops, maybe not infinitly, but at least until, at 11:a.m., the next morning…we realize, time has stopped, up til now.  Perhaps, I should try and remember those blank, erased spaces…

Awake we remember miniscule pieces, jagged pills of the mind, and wonder…

The uncertainty that, we are intentionally or not, wanting to promote the most deceitful person we know?

That in politics, religion, life…in all honesty (no pun intended) we unintentionally, root for the liar.  The one, we see us best suited…to keep up with all the other, cousins, that are family no longer acknowledges.  At least, not in mixed company!


In a recently released study reported by Ari Shapiro on National Public Radio, NPR reported that members of the “Donkey Party” have now become full-fledged“jackasses” just like the mascot of their Party. Democrats really do tell more lies, and they actually like their politicians telling lies more than Republicans do. I find this information to be fascinating. Don’t you? But isn’t that what we have all suspected for a long time? How about this fallacy for one of the Democrat’s most blatant lies? Liberals call abortion “a women’s right to reproductive health”.Can you believe it? They call the murder of an unborn baby a woman’s choice, and they refer to an abortion as reproductive health. These same liberals are now trying to give legal rights and legal standing in the courts to chimpanzees. Can you believe it? Liberals believe that chimpanzees have more rights than their unborn babies. I hope they didn’t spend any of my taxpayer money to fund this new study. Its obvious that Democrats have very little regard for the truth.. They have about as much regard for the truth as they have for human life.

Democrats are more likely to be liars, cheats, and crooks than Republicans are… And now we learn that Democrats are also more tolerant of their politicians lying to them too. So Democrat politicians will do just about anything in order to get elected including lie, cheat, and steal. But what did you expect from the Jackass Party? Didn’t you already know that after the elections of 2008 and 2012? Didn’t you already know that Democrats will engage in vote buying and voter fraud if it helps them win elections? Doesn’t Chicago routinely engage in vote fraud during every election when thousands of deceased persons cast their ballots in the Windy City for the Democrat candidate of their choice. And speaking of vote buying… Isn’t that what Lyndon Baines Johnson successfully accomplished with all of his Great Society programs of the 1960’s? Didn’t he permanently buy the Black vote in our country with all of those entitlement programs? (Food Stamps, Head Start, the Fair Housing Act, the Immigration Act of 1965, the Civil Rights Act of 1968)

Think about this for a minute. Is there really any meaningful moral difference between lying, cheating, and stealing? Anybody who is willing to lie, is also going to cheat and steal in order to get elected. And now it appears according to this new study that if they are being judged by their own peers, that Democrats have little or nothing at all to worry about because they are just being judged by a bunch of other liars just like they are who don’t really care if their politicians lie to them or not. There is no one left in the Democrat Party to blame anyone for anything because they all do it. They all lie. They have all absolved each other of their individual and collective guilt. We could actually say that the Democrat Party is“the Party without a conscience”, and we wouldn’t be too far from the truth.