Hate’s History

I dislike having to get political.  Generally, banter and blunders, are not my style.  That being said, I am an American.  Further yet, I am Native American.  And, until the situation in the United States changes…There will be no rest of my unrest.

Authority and Conformity…imageedit_124_6759104050

Stanley Milgram once produced a wonderful piece of research that related to: How we as persons, and how far we as persons, are willing to go to be obedient to authority.  Milgram had been chastised by many.

Had the research promoted illusions?

 Deception(?) – the participants actually believed they were shocking a real person and were unaware the learner was a confederate of Milgram’s. However,Milgram argued that “illusion is used when necessary in order to set the stage for the revelation of certain difficult-to-get-at-truths.

This experiment had been conducted shortly after WWII.  The intention had been to display just how easily those who followed, bowed down and executed for Hitler…may be no different than persons who walk among us.  Neighbors, friends, co-workers.

I just wonder…

“Had more been down to promote Milgram’s study.  Had it been pursued further?  Had we not been so afraid of our own ‘character flaws”…Would we not be where we are today?”

Ally Steinfeld

A transgender teenager was murdered in Texas County, Missouri, in a horrifying case in which four have been arrested and charged. This is believed to be at least the 21st murder of a transgender person this year in the United States alone.

The body of 17 year-old Ally Steinfeld was found over the weekend, after a frantic search by her family that began earlier this month when she went missing. Her remains were discovered near a mobile home 24 year-old Briana Calderas.

Calderas has been arrested for the murder, along with Isis Schauer and Andrew Vrba, both 18. All three have been charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, and abandonment of a corpse. In addition, a fourth suspect, James T. Grigsby, has been arrested and charged with abandonment of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

Steinfeld was last seen with Calderas, Schauer, and Vrba, and the family felt they were lying when they claimed not to know anything concerning her whereabouts. Police obtained a search warrant to look through Schauer’s phone, finding Facebook messages from Vrba telling her to “stick to the story” and “quit talking.”

Vrba admitted to police that he stabbed Steinfeld repeatedly, after first attempting to poison her, but offered no motive. He said he, Schauer, and Calderas then burned her body, and placed some of the bones into a garbage bag, placing it in a chicken coop near the residence.

Schauer and Calderas said Vrba told them he also gouged out her eyes and stabbed her genitals repeatedly.

Calderas admitted Steinfeld was killed at her home and that she helped burn her body. She led police to the knife used in the murder, as well as to Steinfeld’s phone.

Local authorities have so far refused to label the killing a hate crime, saying the motivation wasn’t Steinfeld’s gender identity. They refused to release a motive that could support such an rage-filled and vicious attack that wasn’t motivated by emotion.

“I would say murder in the first-degree is all that matters,” Sheriff James Sigman told the New York Post. “That is a hate crime in itself.”

Transgender woman Derricka Brown was murdered earlier this month in Charlotte by a man she met up with for a sexual encounter.

More recently, non-binary student Scout Schultz was shot and killed by police at Georgia Tech while holding a closed pocketknife and telling them to shoot. It has since been discovered that the officer who shot and killed Schultz had not received crisis intervention training.

LGBQT Nation



Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.

Stanley Milgram


Happiness in a Fool’s Paradise

The malcontent of American politics would dissipate if there were not such a need to place people in a box!



1- Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.
2- Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light.
3- Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed.
4- When you meet with opposition, even if it should be from your husband or your children, endeavor to overcome it by argument and not by authority, for a victory dependent upon authority is unreal and illusory.
5- Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found.
6- Do not use power to suppress opinions you think pernicious, for if you do the opinions will suppress you.
7- Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
8- Find more pleasure in intelligent dissent than in passive agreement, for, if you value intelligence as you should, the former implies a deeper agreement than the latter.
9- Be scrupulously truthful, even if the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it.
10- Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that it is happiness.”

Bertrand Russell


Getting Weak Inside?

Later in life, within the time constraints of being young enough to fuck anywhere, anyhow and with anyone…and along the fine edges of knowing you should know better but go ahead and practice the art of difficult positioning and learning that mixing grape jelly and Vic‘s Vapor rub is not the brightest perverted idea you’ve had…

Fuck Them All
Fuck Them All (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about this time in adulthood of ‘do as I say not as I do’ flirtations a common sense person would understand the following to be true:
I am highly allergic to nuts…I should avoid them at all costs. Bee’s can cause severe drooling and puddles of paranoid bouts of sweat. Tequila makes me feel ten feet tall and endowed with iron clad balls. Heights of any sort require a good strong dose of Ativan and a strong spiritual sense that your time could come at any minute. Lastly, run in’s with the ball breaking authority figures shaped like donuts should not be addressed with ‘I don’t give a fuck what you think…I know that light was green a second ago.
If the above equations to midlife bedlam and mayhem can be considered to be truth. Mind you I am not a scientist. I abhor analytical minds. This equals that and therefore there can be no variation is akin to saying: I had an orgasm on this particular day of the week using the helicopter method while hanging from a chandelier and so it will be that on that particular day whilst practicing that same technique the orgasm will occur again.  Not!
Mad scientist or not. I still eat peanuts. I still climb to heights beyond medical control. And, unfortunately, I have had more ‘there is talk of arrest’ with the local police sober than drunk.
You know what else I do? Dabble in the art of understanding women. Women are the pecans lighted salted and roasted and are in need of my craving to feast on the forbidden fruit or nut in my case. Females often can be seen as the honey to which my bread needs spreading. And, most certainly, the femme fatale’ have caused my inside to burn out and turn on and shut down quicker than an Ethiopian long distance runner.

Lucinda Williams + Jimmy Livingstone - Sun 23 ...
Lucinda Williams + Jimmy Livingstone – Sun 23 June 2013 -0286 (Photo credit: The Queen’s Hall)

Why do we go back to the ‘habits’ of quenching that thirst? What within our animal nature conjures that little demon on the left shoulder to say, ‘yeah, that looks pretty good for a Friday night and the big bed delights.’ Where is the good angel? I don’t suppose I’ve ever seen him or her. I have fallen to the wayside of ‘I wonder what’s behind door number two’ more times than not.
I ate a peanut today whilst watching a lovely lady curved like a race track at the Daytona 500 and accentuated with just the right shade of radiant skin. I pulled the truck into gear, looked down at the empty wrapper of allergic liaisons and realized lust is as much a symptom as a cure.

Not a day goes by I don`t think about you
You left your mark on me it`s permanent a tattoo
Pierce the skin and the blood runs through
Oh my baby
The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me
I stand over the stove in the kitchen
Watch the water boil and I listen
Turn off the television
Oh my baby
The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me

I take off my watch and my earrings
My bracelets and everything
Lie on my back and moan at the ceiling
Oh my baby
Think about you and that long ride
I bite my nails I get weak inside
Reach over and turn off the light
Oh my baby

Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me
The way you move it`s right in time
The way you move it`s right in time
It`s right in time with me