Dead Ends…Luxurious and Warm

Sometimes a reminder of where I need not go. The waiting on an ending to a book...I did not write. Cracks in the pavement that have won the fight. All...a baited oil in the turmoil.   So deep in the thicket...who am I fooling? Playing puppeteer with a thread bare string. ⊗ Dear future me... … Continue reading Dead Ends…Luxurious and Warm


Darkness Deep, Fitful Sleep

You asked, 'I do not understand...this pageantry for hate...' You, went so far to pepper your avenging ways with a less constrituive..' abhor!' And, more so, I heard the question...'really?' As if, in disgust over how peace could be what I may have been feeling. ♥ Then, the night raged on...darkness deep. Fitful keep. … Continue reading Darkness Deep, Fitful Sleep

NeeDeep Campground

For shit and giggles...or should I say, the shit's and gaggles...I took myself and my neurotic but loyal dog, Matilda Mae, on a camping expedition. There are many things I learned in kindergarten.  There have been many things I've learned along the road to nowhere but here.  However, after the last few days, I've learned … Continue reading NeeDeep Campground