Cherish the Dog

No one tells you how quickly dogs age. How one day you wake up and suddenly their face is all white, how their eyes start to seem more milky than yesterday, how you have to call their name a few more times than you used to.

People tell you not to blink when you have children, but what about the dog who was with you before your children were even thought of? The dog who was by your side before you found the love of your life, the dog who jumped from apartment to apartment in your early 20’s. No one tell’s you to cherish every moment you have with them.

Cherish the dog. The one who’s been there through every break up and every dumb fight with your best friend. That dog who slept in bed with you when lonely and made you feel safe when you left home. Cherish him, because one day you’ll take him on a walk and he’ll start to get tired before you and you’ll realize just how many years he has been walking by your side.

Quiet Resilience

He romps, rubs and sits in quiet resilience to…

weather and time.

And, almost everyday,

within the confines of my chaotic mind…

I ponder…

‘Now this is the contentment I have been searching to find!’

contentment 1

“Dogs are minor angels, and I don’t mean that facetiously. They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, willing to do anything that makes us happy, etcetera. If we attributed some of those qualities to a person we would say they are special. If they had ALL of them, we would call them angelic. But because it’s “only” a dog, we dismiss them as sweet or funny but little more. However when you think about it, what are the things that we most like in another human being? Many times those qualities are seen in our dogs every single day– we’re just so used to them that we pay no attention.”

Jonathan Carrollimageedit_7_5462808411


Learning to Heel

‘Cruel to be kind’ he leaned in and slobbered.

Could not have got closer…even if he tried.

The dearest of friends.

I hasten to look for more comfort.

In not so recent times, he has taught me the reverence of learning to heel.

A hound…hounding my every step.

He has taught me…the blithe of  a smile that is given…not kept.

Car Dog


Mimicry toasted in late November sun.

Outstretched outcries from the dogs of peace.

Indeed, masters to the pain release.

Through the torrent of spiced life.

I reflect to a review.

There is an acceptance among unconditional I see.


Salts of the earth have borne witness to my true suffering.

To them, I am no mere pet in a zoo.

I am freedom.



my pride.

There is no shine to life’s journey…

where they are not along for the ride.