Dying Breed


She had been old.  She was on the threshold of dying.  And, still vanity had the best of him…her companion.  One leg lame, yet, her loyalty has never waned.

Together with their his and her gait…a menacing, comical stride.  The couple could be spotted for miles and miles and miles.

Her human bristles upon the touch of even the most…common hand.  A permanent scowl below his white on gray mustache.  But on a good day.  When no one is looking.  His senior companion can lean slightly in for support and a pat.  And…a faint curl of pride hidden behind the frowning whiskers magically appears.

The old man’s friend knows it is time that she go.  She has prepared for years.  Ready and able to cross that bridge.  At this part in the road…she will go.  She has taught the old man…as much as, he’ll ever know.

The old grizzled gal, from a pup to adulthood, has always had Moxie…Hence the name.  Once wild and woolly.  Her coat is now coarse.  Her sight, a bit less.

With foggy eyes.  She glances to her companion and thinks,

‘Time to teach this old guy…a new trick.’

Lessons have never been easy to impart.  The old man has always worn his surliness like a faded flannel vest; up close and tight fitting.

Vanity has it’s place.  Moxie has owned it like the kindled kindness upon her face.  Jowls tucked up and in…Moxie wears loyalty with a grin.

Today will be the day.  Her last lesson?

Showing the old man that letting her go…Does not mean they will never see each other again.

Outdoor Cat


I am thinking of us…

I am thinking of you.

Tenacity had always been your strong. point


Where are you?

Had there been something I did not do?

Now a chameleon.

Your animosity thrives in a coat of different colors.

I still love you like no other.

Now there is no replacement…

But your four-legged friend…

And, he is hell-bent.

He makes vague attempts to covet me.

And, still, he is just a beast.

An animal’s love host a remorseful retreat.butta-1







Clumsy Confidant


In your eyes,

I am something I am not.

But perhaps,

could be.

Better yet,

your quizzical gaze,

a mystic’s curiosity?

The look may appear to go unnoticed…

but apparently,

there is no place I go…

where you do not want to be.

And, in the thickness of our clumsy relationship,

a huge pile of…

steamy respect.





there you are…

my confidant.

The cog in my wheel.

The inspiration to my words.




I do not know what it is that makes you love me…so.

I only know that when our days are gone.

Those moments will ride beside me…where they belong.

Objects are Closer than They Appear


Somewhere in my mind, the dusk has turned to night…in spite of the day.

Somewhere in my heart, I am no longer part of the claret fray.

The self medicating skies have taken back all the plight of footed flight.

And, though, there is no longer leaps of faith in the bag of tricks.

There are still stabs at turning over new leaves.

Hence, the nature of things…have run off with the grief.

No matter where I go, four paws…two feet.

And, to my mischievous needs…

my enlightened surprise, comic relief.

The struggle daily to put one foot in front of the other.

To put one family in front of the other.

Somewhere in my mind, as dusk and twilight, avoid the day.

I unleash my family blunders.

A step over the past…leaps of faith.

The reins?

I no longer control…of what and where love creates.

Therein, lies the value of family.

Just fetching sticks of bumbled humility.







“When your mother asks, "Do you want a piece of advice?" it's a mere formality. It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no. You're going to get it anyway.” ― Erma Bombeck

Like a New Hampshire winter that never seems to find an end.

The orange ball…blinking at the end of an open ridge…

almost within hand.

Yet, it isn’t until my feet have found new direction…

that in its shadow, I stand.

I missed you today, as I stood by you.

Held the door, watched your wise smile and heard your angelic laugh.

We grasped for oxygen, we clasped for life…we dined on love tonight.

There in the room of many, I felt your sprite.

As the woman who held for me…all that could be.

It is only on occasion…I realize time’s fleeting feet.

But, today, today, during the humdrum of moments, seconds, thoughts and laughter.

Untold age came to my adult with vengeance.

Fleeting feet or not…

More than familiar love was in attendance.

Goddess, help me to embrace the tears that watered the wounds.

Help me to feel the health of the healing embrace found after a fall.

Give to me the guidance to love, as I had been…

when feeling tiny and small.

a mother's promise