You Humble Me

You humble me.

Be it ever so casually.

Still, you humble me.


As we shift into each other.

Loneliness bares it’s blanket…to those unfamiliar with the,

coil of your laughter.

Only to await…what comes after.


Your careening smile in times of silly matters.

The dust you leave behind…when being innocently kind.

Weathered steps…to your mind.


You humble me with your stilled black and white…

In the vulnerable night.

You humble me,

as though,

my only means for sight.

Defining Black

Defining Black:

I have a problem with backing down from a fight.   As in, color of night.  As in, wrong versus right.

Just as I am most admired as…an ambient, textured, landscape…that exposes blight.

Laying…in wait


Just a shadow.

Just a sloppy seconds…thought.

However, I want to chase it.

Wait patiently to see where it belongs.

In natural progression…shadow and earth will always be…

behind the dignified mountain…

the peaches and cream summer’s flower…

Dancing and swaying outside the limelight.

Believing it is never ready for true sight.


Wandering in the 4th Dimension

There is no moisture to the air…

All movement brittle.

Illumination is covered in droplets of shade.

A dance so bountiful.  That any lapse in time…seems to come out from the middle.

Black and white; a difference of transient motion… set upon my mind’s eye.

And, how it envisions too much…Or, just a little.

Coloring Heaven

When heaven can manage to meet me.

In a crowded with goodness, forest.

Or, perhaps, beneath a cloudy sun.

In a mysterious alcove with lost souls bouncing off shallow walls.

History dripping like spare change to the tin floor.

Framed pictures of loved ones…with two feet or four.


When heaven can manage to meet me…

I would sit leisurely in a recycled Adirondack chair.

Pondering bubble thoughts.

Dreaming of forgotten factories and their avenues of broken schemes.

Mystical back woods.

Inflating woodsy possibility.

Bliss dripping in black and white.

With moments of color keeping score.