Replacing the Black Hat

Love had overflowed onto my pride.andy warholjpg

A black hat, as well as, my black sheep bravado…

blew out from under a tattered sleeve on a fresh laundry wind.

Both flew so high, I never thought of seeing them again.

Until now I had carried them for years, with ease.

Tucked under a set of skeleton keys.

With a fistful of reservation, I gave all to the lovely breeze.

The black, a newly discovered multi colored ease of purpose and…the set of hand me down keys.

The three, set in a vast array of self discovery.

Butch, and filled with piss and vinegar, these new accommodations nearly brought me to my knees.

Love had spilled upon my pride.2 hearts 1

All those years of ‘no place left to hide’…supplemented by love.

Replacing all my darker sides.