Tracking Time


I would steal time if I could.

However, time would come back broken…

Even more misunderstood.


My father bought time.

And, put it in his pocket.

Just like the Rail-man who shared a cot with father’s mother.

And, later in life…

Time took that handed down watch…

And, removed it from her lover.


Crazier than making every second count.

Father time will pass.

With diamonds littered in gold…upon his wrist.

And, the years that have passed will remain ill controlled.

Yet, there will be no final kiss.


I have learned only insanity from grasping at the Old Man’s passages.


that a stop watch that cannot be fixed.

Robs time.

From time to time.

With a bit of borrowed daylight.

Paid for with someone else’s savings.

All leading to a bed of malicious habits kept together by lonely cravings.