Boat of Bubble Wrap

Monotony to calamity to pain.

Sandals in the snow.100_0654

Boots in the tropical terrain.

Chasity belts for the weak.

Thongs around the strong.

Island sanctuaries for all who fear every wrong.

I have been to the land of sanctified goods.

Born witness as the, wicked rest in the sun.

Drinking the Kool-Aid from a golden cup.

And, inhaling from the mighty vine.

High on the prospect of retrieving the grand prize.

Paddling back in a boat of bubble wrap…

I had forgotten to enjoy the ride.


Paint me in a river of my tears
Whisper hope and truth – courage in my ears
Remind me when I reach the other side
I’ll b thankful for every tear that I cried

Bonnie Raitt


Bad Bottom Nation Bad Bottom Nation, everyone gets the shit end of the stick

No rhyme or reason

Just questions out of season

Sit down said, Pandemonium..Reconcile spoke of joy. The Difference relayed confusion.

A man, woman, girl or boy.

Deny me…noted…with demoted envy

‘and, Wealth, will inherit my wrath.’

Identified confusion…’a pun to round table discussion. Still there’s somethin’ the world just don’t get!’

G.I Joe Jane getting laid down still…to the stray morphine bullet.

Navy Baby Seals shagging at the nearest Port O Let.

‘How is it…we just don’t get! It!’

Remorse stated once…’an incident the five stars won’t soon forget.’

Better still,

build shit up

just to tear shit down…

Feast or famine,

Poverty text-ed…thoughts with no meaningful sounds!

Seems everyone who knows anyone…they are off balance.

Disabled tweeted at life’s toll, ‘seems they all know two people who know two people more who couldn’t be trusted

to watch toilet paper unravel.’

No rhyme or reason…

just questions out of season!

bad bottom 3

‘What if, what if’… begged the Global Click…

‘post nasal drip as…


Calamity called…

he left a message…

there is a new diva in town…

leave a message.

Famous for Frivolity is out of town


Collectively, Bot-ox Nation

is the cause of clueless, bloated, open toed…


Sunburned lids from all the bad bottom Heros.

In ending,

Left or Right wing tells us…just keep adding zeros!

No rhyme or reason

just questions out of season. Bad Bottom Nation, everyone gets the shit end of the stick
…in Bad Bottom Nation, everyone gets the shit end of the stick