The Sweet Taste of Love

no trespassing 4

I had seen a couple the other day.  Quietly, obtuse to someone watching them.  I had been making the rounds…around Maple Haven.

I shouldn’t say…I…It had actually been the big (now) old Brown Dog, and I, and nature calling.  So, no, I hadn’t been alone.  You know how I hate to be alone.

Life is so wonderful to observe…when ‘it’ does not realize…it is being watching.  People in their natural habitat.  Acting as though.  Not acting as if.

This couple must have been in their early second childhood…young retiree’s.  Anyhow, the husband, who last I noticed was intrigued by some book or another.  Sitting in the same lounge chair with a drink in one hand…open book in the other.

frost farm
frost farm

The wife seemed more high-strung.  That is… if watching nature pass by, patting a Heinz 57 dog and occasionally sprucing up the picnic table…qualifies for hyper activity!

“Hey, you wanna go for a walk?  It looks like a storm might be creeping up…We should head out now…That is if you want to go…(guilt trip!!!)’

A man of few words…the husband struggles to his feet.  Obviously working out some arthritic problem.  Working out the kinks…as they say.

From across the pine needle laden pond, I witnessed a look of love.

The stranger man looks discretely up at the sky.  Sighs quietly to himself.  Rubs a well-worn knee.  Doesn’t say a word…just a nod in agreement.

Then he grabs his wife’s hand with the only gusto I have seen out of him all week.  Smiles a friendly smile…Gives his wife a gently pat on the buttocks.  Not a sexual pat.  Not a ‘I want something for going on this walk’…pat.  Just a simple, old fashion ‘pat’ on the ass that says:

I am in pain.  I am only out here because you like it.  But I love you!  And, wherever you go…so shall I!

hazel 2