a Fevered Mind

Petals in the pines…I have come here…once again

with your loving colors for the fevered mind

And, the circling of blackbirds to speak to me of the shape I am in

A little girl’s dream of…

lime and lemon hue

Spinning in the dance under the moon’s harvest


the autumn of sun’s riches

New Leaf

The mountains are turning a…summer setting gold.

A time for

letting my hair down

to bask in what the forest beholds.

There can be no denial from

the frosty aches

the chill from bent knee.

I take comfort from primitive slopes under

wildflowers and giant shrubberies.

Turning over maple leaf…brittle is the recovery.

Running Down a Memory

When chasing a memory, I concede!

A wanting for everything.imageedit_5_3071766003

Everything it should have been.

If I amble after a flashback…too far

It will surely run me back.

A tackle-box  of strangeness from the past.

wheels in motion

fresh cut grass

the fur lined evergreens reeking of purity.

Inflamed by all that is good to remain.

I chase the postcard distance for a sense of glory.

Dignity, however, has only one expression among the tall peaks.

Nothing to glamorize.

No memory is free.