It Has Been Awhile

it has been awhile since I walked a mile in her shoes

this ritual silence has blown away on November wind

uttering the howls of change and broken ceilings

on the ash and cedar decadence and delight on turns of day and night

it has been awhile since I walked a mile in her shoes

to feel the depth of season

to withstand all of foliage debris

to be in a place of all the beauty I can see

Letting the Water Hold Me Back


baby driver 3

Wall to wall.

Rushing waters so fast they imply a  stall.

Winter’s root seems to have loosened her pace.

There is abrasion to her typically, smooth surface.


Everyday, I pass by a downy path.

I can only assume it leads to a dark tundra of creations unknown.

In refrain,

the wild-birds echo a refrain to their song…

I am in their home.

Puffs of once frozen,

white wigs.

Have turned into slushy, sodden, remains of the days.


The earth has bared all the select, segments, she will.

I turn a footprint towards the path of no end.

Smiling to myself,

this courage is just pretend.vacant paths deep thinkers 1