the House that Eugene Built

Had my soul been a house. It would have been filled with spirits of an anonymous kind. Disenchanted mirrors. Spouting monomers, not so refined. The phrase, "I love you." spoken in jest. "I love you." Bringing to my earth only dust. ♠ However, I am not a house. I am a woman made of pliable, … Continue reading the House that Eugene Built


Spinster Lee

Religiously, a book with no spine. A sisterhood cloaked by falsehoods. What of the charm? Belonging to the woman with masks for misdeeds. How did it feel? Ignoring the abuse? Spinster Sister how can shame be the family's noose. ∃ Your summer winds blow in shallow. Leaving no taste, no permanence... That cannot be erased. … Continue reading Spinster Lee

Never Deny the Survivor

Anne had not known abuse, as of late. That moodiness stopped thirty years ago. The feel of the tired shag carpeting, as it lay beneath her side.  The texture of the fake wood that held up her dresser.  Had she known it was just a holding tank for pet fur; she would have vacuumed under … Continue reading Never Deny the Survivor

Head of the Table

A recluse beyond obvious reason. He was a patriarch not for obvious  reasons. There were forevermore undisclosed moments when the past up takes matter. Events not always on the mind...but sometimes in. Often contained with a sustainable, selfish, stroll. Frequently twelve steps and whiled away with letting go. I had never been a naturally serene … Continue reading Head of the Table

Wooden Stakes at Midnight

I watch thru the bay window, as she falls to fright. I watch thru the bay window, as she puts up a fight. I am an outsider here...lurking in the blunt safety of night. ∃ Cool to the touch. Translucent and fetal... And, unwittingly...the only insider without a safety net. She and only she, knows … Continue reading Wooden Stakes at Midnight