Mosuo Women Rule

In the howling winds of a deep, New Hampshire, December.  After the four legged children have been fed, watered and put to bed…I glance at my wife, my partner, my…not born yesterday, marriage.  Between the kicking, prodding, slurring and whispered, angry requests…I ponder…

Could I live like a Mosuo?

Mosuo are a small, matriarchal sect.  An ethnic group from China that defies traditional marriage.


Instead, they have built their love relationships on something called, walking marriage.

Having read this little bit of knowledge.  And, currently dealing with a kicking wife who soundly sit’s up out of bed from a dead sleep and screams…

“Are you okay?”

Again I say to self…

Mosuo or not Mosuo?

Normally when she asks if everything is copacetic with my meditation time.  I just give into my demons.  Forgo the chant.  And worry about bills. 

However, her question came out in blood curdling bursts from a voice that sits between Pee Wee Herman and Joan Rivers.

Mosuo?  Do they really have anything on this so called, Walking Marriage.  No wives.  No husbands.  Children raised by the inner sanctum of family.

After all, at seventeen years in, we write post-it notes to each other…to have sex.

The women of Mosuo?  They sing and dance.  They probably even remember what they said to each other yesterday.  Most likely, the Lady in Charge of Her House, even rubs her perspective night-mate’s feet.  These little jabs at foreplay happen during the day…when no one is tired.

Later on that evening, women invite visitors to their rooms and encourage them to leave the next morning!

Benefits?'Oh bugger -- not the Jehovah's witnesses again!'

-Equal freedoms.

-This dating game can begin and end…whenever.

Or, as I like to say, ‘if the door hits you on the backside.  Don’t bother coming back in.’

-Never any need to inquire on the ‘adult’ stuff.  At least for a short period of time.  No pillow-talk over are the…kids alright?  Have you walked the dogs?  Did you get the stool sample from the cat?  Like the vet asked!

And, other little assets that come to mind if one decides to participate in a Walking Marriage:

Old people (like myself)can give it a whirl.

There is little domestic violence!  For christ’s sake…if two people can’t get along for a few hours.  They probably shouldn’t hook up!

War is less likely to happen!  With everyone having ‘walked’ the whole village.  War would be counter productive.

This Visiting Marriage can have its faults:

-What is love?

And, more importantly,

-What does love have to do with it? (Thank you, Tina Turner)

-If two Visitors happen to have visited the Lady’s abode?  What happens if they meet up?  Jealousy?  Hurt feelings?  Who will be the Sugar Momma or Sugar Daddy?  It could get ugly.

About now it is 3 in the morning.  My wife has now decided to wake up out of my sound sleep and ask…

“Don’t forget you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow!

So, with Mosuo and Megan…on my mind.  I think ‘No’ to Mosuo tradition.  What if I broke a hip and needed someone to take care of me?  Take care of me for 4 to 6 weeks?  Who’d be walking through my house then?283362727208_1


Truth, Compassion, Forbearance: Falun Gong


falun gong 2

Christianity became a weighted brick upon my poor ankle.  More central to the point, Catholicism, imaged itself as a, catalyst to family values…Family values that shackled my innermost feelings.

It was in the thickest of ‘shame’ I lived.  Adulthood provided, for me, a sink or swim mentality.  A Higher Power seemed a country mile away.  But with grace…we managed to meet in the middle.

  I have pursued a spirituality with no foot hold to anything.  Native American Lore!  Buddhism!  Naturalism!  

At this stage in the game of life, I am not as centered as many.  Yet, there is a daily grasp to uphold the best I can be.

Stumbling upon Falun Gong practices…purely by accident.  I unraveled the simplest of truths.  

Though my country has left me dismayed.  I am not held against my  spiritual will.  I am free to disclose (for now.)  My beliefs do not need to be under constant focus…or under the gun.

It is rare but on occasion, my reverence and where I live…Cause me to understand…Just how fortunate…I am.


Falun Gong…

Nothing more than the mere and simple belief in tolerance, forbearance and compassion.

Simply put…a more intense set of values…set upon the Golden Rule.


There are no fees or formal membership, lack of daily rituals of worship, its greater emphasis on morality, and the theological nature of its teachings.

As a traveler in search of betterment.  This organic philosophy could possibly provide what is much needed in this overcrowded world.  And, my overcrowded life!

Unfortunately, the paranoia of powers far, far away from the land I live in; Do not carry similar beliefs!

Falun Gong practitioners in China are reportedly subject to a wide range of human rights abuses: hundreds of thousands are estimated to have been imprisoned extrajudicially,[3] and practitioners in detention are subject to forced labor, psychiatric abuse, torture, and other coercive methods of thought reform at the hands of Chinese authorities.[4] As of 2009, human rights groups estimated that at least 2,000 Falun Gong practitioners had died as a result of abuse in custody.[5] Some observers put the number much higher, and report that tens of thousands may have been killed to supply China’s organ transplant industry (see Organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China).[6][7] In the years since the persecution began, Falun Gong practitioners have become active in advocating for greater human rights in China.






RandomwordbyRuth Spam n Ham

Hey, Have A Rainbow Day: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit.
Hey, Have A Rainbow Day: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for the human spirit.

To write…one must be able to read!

Back from the abyss, RandomwordbyRuth Spam n Ham…Holiday edition:

Dear RandomwordbyRuth,

Hi, it’s Viviana! Do you remember me?

We were friends in childhood, I lived not far from your house!  I remember when you used to write those

crazy love letters!  It’s great that I’ve finally found you!

You can reach out to me on my homepage:

P.S. I know I’ve changed a little, but I still love you! 😉

Viviana and/or ReGINA-

Most certainly…we did not grow up in or near the same town.  Most certainly…we did not attend the same Mass at St. John the Purist Roman Catholic Church.

And, with a 90 percent assurance…You were not standing next to me singing John Denver songs during folk group rehearsal.

I may have met you later in life…when I did a stint at rehab.  Course, I had been detoxing and don’t remember much of anything!


Act now…and we will throw in a Monica Lewinsky collectible…Made in America toothpicks!  Stamped with an image of Old Glory…Perfect for getting those nasty unmentionables…out of your mouth!


Thank you…Democratic Party and it’s new Hillary Web store!

Currently I have given my time, money and pride to let your kind throw this party!  Well, folks, as far as, I’m concerned the party is over!  Honestly, the last item you liberals should be totting is…something to wipe your face with once you’ve had too much to drink!  You really might want to consider the toilet paper industry…it seems that most politicians have been talking out their asses…far too long.


Dear Random

Nice day.
We are a supplier for stone products in China, including granite, marble and natural stone etc. We have our own quarry, factory and shipping agency. Besides, we have quarry for G603, and in November, our company decide to have the last promotion for G603 products, the details are as below.
a) This will be the last promotion in 2014, so please try to take this valuable chance.
b) The delivery time will be 0 days, as long as you place the order, we will arrange the shipping for you at once.
c) The more you buy, the more money you will save for yourself. ( the discount for each one container is as following)
I will look forward for your inquiry
Best Regards
Dick Chissel
I do not need rock!  I don’t know anyone in the market for rock.  For the longest time…I thought rock had been free.  Just like the sun, the snow and the rest of the environment!
Perhaps, your company should get together with the Hillary store and put together a set of Pet Rocks!  One of Hillary, one with Monica with a cigar in her mouth and one of the Bush family sitting ’round an oil drum!

Bullets and Burgers! Stupidity and Cures!

Dear Ruth,


I was electro-shocked at a gay ‘cure’ centre in China. Doctors hypnotized me and said they would ‘shock the gay’ out of me. Thousands of people all over China are suffering like I did.

In families like mine, being gay is still seen as something that can be cured, and scam clinics prey on that fear. Now, I want my friends, my family and everyone in China to understand that being gay is normal.

Dr. Margaret Chan is the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) – an influential international authority who’s from China. If we come together by the thousands we could get her to speak out against anti-gay ‘cures’ – and help convince officials to finally ban them.

Will you sign my petition asking WHO Director Dr. Margaret Chan to speak up now and condemn gay ‘cures’ in China?

I’ve decided to go All Out and take the clinic to court. People are supporting me by staging brave public demonstrations showing how gay ‘cure’ clinics are dangerous scams. But, there’s more we can do to build the momentum.

Thanks for going All Out with me,

Xiao Zhen*
with the support of Queer Comrades, the Beijing LGBT Centre and the All Out Team


Not too long ago…In the future, past, my mother had been asked by a semi total stranger…

‘Did it upset you when Ruth came out?’

My mother’s response…One I will always remember…

‘It was a disappointment at first!’

Let’s be honest, the only thing needing a cure currently?

Stupid People!

Stupid people vote, stupid people drive and most importantly, stupid people are procreative.

Take the following Stupid People Need a Cure example:

A nine-year old goes on vacation to Arizona with her most likely, Christian god fearing rifle totting parents.  They find a cute and rustic little hide away gun spa called the Bullets and Burger firing range located at the Arizona Last Stop Plaza.

Let’s just assume the parents went to grab a world-famous greasy Bullet Burger.  Assume also that the nine-year old is left in the hands of a ‘Uzi expert’.  Believe, not just assume, that a Uzi weights 8 pounds.  Probably more than a handful of water balloons.  Believe it or not, don’t assume, that the trainer believes the young child is ready, set and able to handle a Uzi when it is set on automatic mode.

…Witnesses said that the instructor got shot in the head and killed by a nine-year old girl from New Jersey…He no longer is amongst the living…And, she will need therapy for the rest of her life!

I asked my mother why I was at first…a disappointment.  When I came out of the closet!  She didn’t really have a response, no real answer…Other than, that is just not how we raise our children.

YES, Forrest, stupid is as stupid does!


Buddha for Simple Minds

Trying to remain calm on Mondays?

Mania, mayhem and maladjustment in the Super Freak department?

Not up to snuff when putting on the ‘I live to be abnormal everyday…but Monday’ badge of honor?

Monk Mondays and Buddha baby bedtime stories are the way to embrace your emotional and spiritual rectum cleansing!

The City of Bedtime Bugs

Once upon a time there was a city.  It was a city different from the other cities that we may know.  But the people who lived there thought it was the nicest place in the world.

The city did not belong to Europe, or Africa, nor, Japan, not China or Australia.  It was in the United States.  In fact, it was to be found in California.  And whereabouts in California but the city of Angels: Los Angeles!

The city was filled to the brim with nice people and wonderful estates.  We would not have like these houses at all, not you or me, or anyone else but the people who lived in them.  It would only make sense that those who loved these houses were Mud Bugs and they found the cool wet comfort of mud houses just right.

Of the many Mud families, Mrs. and Mrs. Joan Mudbug were the proud parents of a new son.  Happy were they to know that their very,very,very fat and round son was the smartest among the Mud babies who lived in the neighborhood.

As their son grew up he became wiser and much more curious than the other Mud bug children.  He asked question upon question upon question to which some did not know the answers to.  The young fat Mud bug went to Grandpa and other elders for answers to his questions but often was given no response to his questions.

He best friend,was an older gentleman by the name of Mr. Greenfrog.  Mr. Greenfrog had eyes that would pop out which made him look much wiser than his peers.   This older gentleman seemed to have the answers to the questions that John Mudbug had been curious about.

Excitement had grown in Mud city for Grandma Mudbug had decided one morning to just get up out of bed and without saying goodbye to anyone not even Grandpa Mudbug climbed to the top of the tallest water-fern.  She struggled and puffed and struggled and puffed.  Grandma Mudbug had been known for her chubby disposition and big backside and climbing had never been her thing.  Up and up and up and snorting and snorting she went until she vanished just above the water.

As the townspeople stood in awe and amazement, the thought among many had been:

‘Who will watch the little Mud Bug children now?  Who will bake the Mud cakes?  Who will tell the bedtime stories now that Grandma is gone?’

“But where has she gone?” cried John Mudbug

Of course, that was a question that had no answer.

Immediately John Mud Bug went to see his friend, Mr. Greenfrog.

The wise Mr. Greenfrog listen with great interest as John told his tale of woe.  As the story ended a smile stretched across the older gentleman’s face.

“I know all about it.  I have set above the water and watched the Mud Bugs crawling up the water-ferns many times.  I saw old Grandma Mud Bug come up just this morning.”

“What happens to them after they come out of the water?” asked John excitedly.

“Why they simply toss off their old skin and become creatures that  grow bigger and bigger.  They have long and sleek bodies with wings like glass and they just simply fly away.” explained Mr. Greenfrog.

“Oh, I shall want to do that someday too!”  said John Mudbug

“Yes, they all do it!” replied the wise old Mr. Greenfrog.

John went back with his knew found wisdom and told his parents and the townspeople.  Many refused to believe John’s tale and continued to howl and cry complain.

They were much like the people of today.

John learned his simple lesson.  A lesson that many still have yet to learn.

The art is in our rebirth and that change is inevitable.  Our thoughts, actions and deeds make it so.