Coward of the Coalition

I am witness to the sign of our times.

How do I fit into a room full of designer names…

With my broken sandal?

Quiet corrective-ness is typically more than I can handle.

My first impression…

They are the news of the week.

And, I the scandal.


Acting up has forever been sewn into the lining of my character.

There are many who know where I have been.

And, they have been there too.

Just in another part of the zoo.


So, with the grace of a fallen angel.

I tuck my angry lesbian cape into the hem of my flea market shorts.

No doubt…

I came for a fight.

The LL Bean models…

Have too.

A Higher Power sends me a gentle reminder.

Everyone who wants a seat at the table…

Desires justice to have her due.

Just as I do!