Drained of Your City Ways

Dark the wood aching for sun

So many conversations we have had

Derelicts of the times, both good and bad

You and I, cloaked in a nasty game of hide and seek

In this, warring courtyard, curves and cushions of fodder

In this, crumbled down streets, forks and flexure and fixtures

I bend to breathe

Hollow becomes my rasp

Sharp is my bath water

Obstructed is my throat…

I quarrel with the words I say

Naked and ravenous, I take to the sodden road

drained of your city ways

American Brok N English

I will get thing done for america to make our people safer smarter and healthier.

Your Tax Dollars at Work?
Your Tax Dollars at Work?

I will bring americans togeher to strenthen our communities. Fased with apathy i will take action. Faced with conflict i will seek common ground. Faced with adversity i will persevere. I will carry this commitment with me this year and beyond. I am an Americorps member and i will get things done.
travels with Annie the Grace C., AmeriCorps refugee!

Doggin is Swingin is Bi-curious is what?

Home Is Where the Hate Is
Home Is Where the Hate Is (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things I don’t understand…

Poster for the film Swingers
Poster for the film Swingers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a swinger called a swinger?
Back in the old, old, old days…swingers were found at swing clubs…Good to know. These coupled persons agreed that sex was sex was sex and continued on swinging from protruding limb to protruding limb.
Swingers are out however Dogging is in. Now you have Swingers taking their sexual triumphs out of the secluded private bedroom and onto the street.  Dogging is a form of out in the open for the world at large to see, public displays of sex.
Swingers are generally heterosexual! But from the looks of things…they are willing to walk a long and sexual mile to give a stranger a smile.
Of note, men called Paul and women called Catherine are the people most likely to swap sexual partners, a poll suggests. Good to note. My sister’s middle name is Catherine…I wonder if that has any deeper meaning than the obvious.


Is there really such a thing as bi-curious?
The term bi-curious implies that the individual has either no or limited homosexual experience in the case of “heterosexual” individuals or no or limited heterosexual experience in the case of “homosexuals”, but may continue to self-identify as bi-curious if they do not feel they have adequately explored these feelings.
This seems like a bunch of bullshit to me. However, I feel better knowing the term is being phased out by the young adults of this god forsaken land.
We are no longer to refer to someone as ‘oh, that’s just Paul…he’s no longer a swinger or a dogger…he’s bi-curious!’
If we are as politically correct as mandated by the laws of social media; proper identification is required.  So yet a new and improved term from a not so new and improved generation:
‘Paul…no, he’s not gay or bi-curious or a swinger or a dogger. He is heteroflexible.’
Again, sounds silly. And, heterosexual sounds like a very difficult yoga position.

What is a lesbian tendency?
Lesbian tendency? WTF? I never understood this.

I have a tendency for the following:
1. Using my right hand while I give someone the bird.
2. Chewing my tongue when I concentrate
3. Walking the dog when he has to go the bathroom
Tendency in its true definition means to lean towards one particular characteristic. Wouldn’t Lesbians and their tendency…just qualify as, Lesbian?
Again, strange and hard to figure out these fascinating labels and terms of injustice.
New and Avant-garde term for a woman with lesbian tendencies-

She is a twatter!!!

…Really, you don’t say?

For that matter, what truly defines, A-sexual?
Finally, we get to the clincher. The most absurd and abstract and abnormally fun term I have ever heard. And, still one I don’t quite grasp with my blonde TENDENCIES!
Asexuality is a sexual orientation that describes individuals who do not experience sexual attraction towards the opposite sex.
This new old not sexual but really is, term,  has somehow made reappearance this century due to online chat rooms, online communities and blogs.
After exhaustive research, I’ve come to realize what I kind of knew all along. Those persons suspected of being A-Sexual take themselves far too seriously and need to get laid!

***Food for thought…why does Windows continue to upgrade on my computer. I don’t want it to. I postpone the joy as much as I can. Yet, it eventually happens. Possibly a conspiracy?

National Dumbed Down Day

Dumbing Down deserves a day…so today, in the middle of my being waste high in the muddy waters of  proganda I give into I will attempt to not shun others for making me look like a broken clock…only correct twice a day.

I am not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know I am not truly blonde.
-Ambien/Annie/Gracie Williams

I am the question that goes unasked.
I am the question that goes unasked.

More of me to Love

An Adoring Ambien Fan writes:
One thing I would really like to comment on is that weight loss program fast may be accomplished by the suitable diet and exercise. Ones size not only affects the look, but also the overall quality of life. Self-esteem, major depression, health risks, along with physical abilities are influenced in weight gain. It is possible to do everything right but still gain. In such a circumstance, a problem may be the perpetrator. While an excessive amount food and not enough exercising are usually to blame, common medical conditions and trusted prescriptions could greatly amplify size. I am grateful for your post here.

Thank you for your concern for my health. I am a stress eater. In otherwords. I eat all the time because I perceive myself as a toxic person. I lead my cellulite down paths it should not go.
Trailways such as; breasts like over filled water balloons, an ample sample of fatty deposits making their way across my ass. An ass that needs a bridge in order for it to be crossed.
I believe I am not fat…just big boned and wasteful in exercise. When I see someone working out…I think it’s wasteful.
Currently I find myself surrounded by ‘real women shouldn’t have that many curves’ so I don’t feel so bad about myself.
I do have one question though:
I am an avid, some say, expert masturbator…will this burn calories and do I have to get out of the sitting position to make use of more muscles.
Generally, I just like to lie down but am willing to at least walk while getting off.
Please let me know-
Vagrant and Vividly Void-
Ambien/Annie C/Gracie Williams

I got a big fat momma trying to break me.
I got a big fat momma trying to break me.