Common Considerate Behavior


What if the whole world just held hands?
United as one 
Those who opposed, fell off
Disintegrated into the sun
The only thing left of evil was ash 
The only thing left on earth was people with passion
Heart for Mother Nature
Caring for their fellow human being
Common considerate behavior 
Contribution towards humane higher plane of consciousness

  • Andrew Edward Lucier

Avoiding the Others

Stretches of barren road with others in the way.

Quite specific moments where I have no cotton candy words to say.

Instinctively defensive, I hold the uphill battle to inner peace…aside.

With the random chances of solitude…I keep my eyes wide open.

The ‘others’ and promise of vision…need not collide.

I cannot uphold a symbol or sign.

Indications for…all the ‘others’ need not apply.

It is not in my nature to carry a grudge hand or fist.

Step over slippery step.

However, I am obstinate when calm wishes to confide.


Contemplation and Bogie

bogie new


When I walk.  I attempt to walk in peace.  When I explain the ‘dirty diaper’ smell omitting from my dog…I do so with contemplation and, sorrow, in my voice.  When I practice, mindfulness, not judgment, typically, I am meditating with a large dog in a small frame…on my chest!

Lastly, as I stroll through the vast loveliness that is Central New Hampshire…breathing in, breathing out, paying attention to sound, sight and body…

I envision what I have just read…

Find a place where you alone.  Train yourself in the following way:

…breath in, experience breathing in.

…breath out, experience breathing out.

Be fully conscious of your experience.  If you cherish and practice this, it will bear great fruit.  Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, you will find steadiness, consciousness, concentration…

And, if you own a dog like mine…

exasperation mixed with lack of patience.

…breath in, breath out,

‘What the fuck?  Is that a dead bat in your mouth?’

bogart 3

A good friend who points out our mistakes and imperfections and rebukes evil is to be respected. As if he reveals a secret to a hidden treasure. -Buddha