Strange in Paradise

There is peace on my mind.  But in a fit of sanity, I placed it down deep where no one goes.

I had been waiting for the sun to come out and, ‘Hi.’

However, like a cat in the night searching for non-existent light.

Sometimes, satisfaction is a message I cannot always find.

With a fluent tie-dye sky set into minutes of changing moods; A revelation, of sorts.  Mystically, set in writing, to grammar school, red…

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.” Dalai Lama

“I can be in over my head.  But, contentment…Will always be…A pet that needs to be watered and fed!”

You’re Nobody

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Happiness is not a matter of circumstance; it is dependent on the torrents of our thinking.

Amen, Sista!  So much crap in the way.  Money, relationships, death, love.  Difficult are the tide of thinkers! I mind horde!  Clutter what little space there is left with objects and objectives to which I have no control.

I had forgotten.  And, tend to, from time to time.  The Big Easy!

An Inventory of Happiness:

  • Brushed Cotton
  • When a dog sticks his head out of a car window.  !! And, he does not have to be my dog.
  • Broken-in Boxer Briefs.  Soft but well elasticized.
  • My Superball collection.
  • When my dog greets me at the door.
  • When my spouse greets me at the door.
  • Getting into trouble.
  • Getting out of trouble.
  • Listening and singing to… ##You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You…Sing it, believe it and give love proudly!
  • Sardines on Ritz crackers.
  • As always, a walk in the woods…Alone!  Or, with a good friend.



Roots of Rhythm

The powers that be say,

there is no rhythm to our past.

There are the takers.

There are the givers.

And, perhaps that is the only rhyme to the reason on which we stand.

Hard, though it may be, to draw a line in the sand…

when we make our big plans.

There is only one music that circles our path.

Habit’s over shadowed.

Loom can over cast.

But it is our one song that will ever last.

roots 4
These are the roots of rhythm. And, the roots of rhythm remain.

Long May You Run

Long May You Run
Long May You Run
Right or wrong. Best to keep to a simple song.
Right or wrong. Best to keep to a simple song.
Contentment can be as simple as those, we chose to run with!
Contentment can be as simple as those, we chose to run with!