Defining Black

Defining Black:

I have a problem with backing down from a fight.   As in, color of night.  As in, wrong versus right.

Just as I am most admired as…an ambient, textured, landscape…that exposes blight.

Where the Light and Dark Meet

broken trail 1

Where the light and dark meet…

a hidden trail.

And, it is there, I believe I am free.

My notions and ideals enhance under the ambiance of flowing greenery.

Life is embellished in…sights unseen.

But of course, I am not a consultant to nature.

An adviser to the woods, I will never be.

Still for a fleeting moment…I am free.

broken trail 2
Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose…J. Joplin

that Which is not Blurred

‘What of the permanent anchor?  To the weight, we all must bear!  The cloaked mystery of our destiny?  No matter how rural a thought!  Sameness, be the only play on words…

Defining moments!  Infinity, obscured.  When color becomes that which is not blurred!’



Frozen to Peril

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I have heard tales about these shadows of doubt.

Quiet little backwoods knolls…

Where the secrets to life dance about.

Lurking among the ambient light,

mystical figures.

Casting hues,

saturating the will to fight.

I have stepped out to what appeared as my, last storm.

Braving the elements without my bitter, weathered, coat on.

It lay there in the contrasting shade.

Below the frozen peril…that I knew I belonged.