Mama I’m Strange

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To Mother Theresa from Ambien Grace, Concord NH

“Mama I’m Strange”

What’s this little lie They keep on telling me It’s just another high They keep on selling me I was only five They fed me so much jive They said just have a ball Just be a Barbie doll They churned and burned me out Until they turned me out Over and over again
Mama I’m strange The thoughts and the wants are the locks On the back of my brain I’m descending pretending I’m blending I’m going insane And they want me to change Mama I’m strange
I’m on a shaky wall I’m tripping down the hall And all the king’s men can’t Can’t sew me up again I’ve got a leaky head Don’t know the full extent I’m drowning in my bed I’m just an accident They chewed and blew me out Until they threw me out Over and over again
If I could tranquilize I might just vaporize They couldn’t supervise They couldn’t criticize I have no evidence I have no reverence It makes no difference I have no innocence
Help me mama help me now