Chop Shop Blonde

my family

Strong wrong heroine

One step up from the Eagle, the Moose

and the Elk.

In the skinny and…

weighted by the black belt.

To be strong my heroine…

An oxymoron.

Sometimes behind

a plastic sheath.

devoid dad

I am melting, in refrain

I am melting…

in a sheepish repeat.

Marginal mediocre Cinderella

The baby dolls see

what the townies lay me down upon…

an empty street.

Gaming the shame.

Punishing the individual

with make up


made up…

thin mint names.

blue on black brother

One of the last of the chop shop blondes.

Buy one now,

before they are all gone.

Pieces of…

Falling off a little byte at a time.

Imagine all the plus size people

living life today.


everyone tweeted,

‘didn’t mean 2 hang up…

had nothing 2 say.’rainbow me