Lost in Thought

Drifting snow has me lost in thought

Meandering in the knee-high clouds that are on the ground.

Stray collies wander as if they know more than just joy.

There need be no aim.

There need to be no trail blazed.

Purity can be a maze.

Purity can amaze.

Running in and out and about the tundra with no task at hand.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

The morning sun bears no walls.

Its violet rays showing no loyalty to rhyme or reason.

I could only hope to be so bold…

not caring one way or another how the seasons unfold.

To glow or not with nothing to lose.


Solar Glare

The cotton ball is gritty, as if seeking someone’s demise.

Open fields, though endearing, glare at me with only…true lies.

Sign, sign…everywhere a…sign.

Clearly my salvation is where it is meant to be.

And, it is only mine.

24 Hour Relief


So fortunate am I?  I am so fortunate that I forget.  Lucky enough to live in mostly wilderness.  Lucky enough to forget each and every walk I take (which is 355 days a year) can have either little significance…or, all the importance in the world.


Stop…Ruth, breathe in through the nose…breathe out through the mouth.  Enjoy one moment.  One single, minute, slice of slowing down.  Look up, look down, look within!canvas-print-with-gratitude-quote

Look at every piece of damaged goods, or as I like to say, damaged beauty.  It will offer new perspective on all ills and pains, I have.

Listen…to all that is not said!  Listen with mouth shut and arms wide open!


It is a falsehood to believe we will ever be here, in this spot, again!


Time is Up

Static noise raining down off a benevolent power-line.

The scrubbing quiet of waters running about granite edges…unrefined.

A beauty and a beast at every patriot’s sign…

Today, tomorrow, infinitely beyond the mind.

Could this be the time?

I sharpen a tune to silent noise.

And, the moments do not stand poised.

I cannot lay about in blame.

My life is as dormant as a welcoming at my feet.

Time as always…a visitor that I shall never meet.