The Truth of a Dog

She had lost part of the family. She had lost...a friend. And, for the first time in a long while, I turned the car radio down. I had pushed pass a time to begin...again. My intention? To pay attention to all the passing souls. To give notice towards those for whom the bell has toll-ed. … Continue reading The Truth of a Dog


My Mother’s Heart

I feel the tides of her heart. As if she were still there. Yet, chiseled beneath my stony heart. These are just marooned cares. I do not think my referral as, pitiful. Would joust with her stoic spine. I do not think... She is far behind. Far behind, what is round. What was taught to … Continue reading My Mother’s Heart

the Good in Good-bye

How far down can I be? From the life that swallowed me. Wandering down the same faded lanes. Looking for mythical messages... In this, the most old-fashioned of New Hampshire towns. Where antiquated becomes motionless. Laying about without a sound! I would put a name to the provocation. But am not quite sure how. It … Continue reading the Good in Good-bye

Bye and Not Gone

Never much for memories. Not much for tell-tale songs. But I loaded up today... And, I had been brought back to the notion... That you were gone.   It had not been the sun. It had not been the warmth. It had been simply... 'fare thee, well.'   Mystery starts in all that it holds. … Continue reading Bye and Not Gone

Morphine and Cynicism

Bad doses of life...a hellion's spell. Perhaps, a weeping, barely, breathing corpse. Eluding a bed that needs changing. One cannot put demons to bed. If they are not sleeping. Morphine and cynicism such consistent friends. More so if the dead are not worthy of keeping. Some of the memories that lapse... Over rule good judgment. … Continue reading Morphine and Cynicism