Charles in Charge: Franklin NH

For several reasons I just can not let go of last night’s city councilmen meeting; topic-request for funds   from outside agencies. I don’t know if it was councilmen Cournoyer’s remark about shooting stray cats. His strong arm tactic of raising his voice to every woman who approached the podium or just his blatant lack of respect for anyone other than himself. I had been in virgin territory, I admit, when attending only my second big city of Franklin Council-Retire-Men meeting. Thank god I have medications that I take for my ailments. Charlie C., seems to have missed a few doses. He single-handedly lit into a representative from C.A.P. A woman of course. He than grumbled about, “well we give you guys a place to hang a sign don’t we?” C.A.P. rep., was aghast, as was I. Of course, you give the wonderful folks down at Community Action Program a place to call home! They do all your dirty work! Charlie must have leveled out on the Lithium for the next two speakers requesting monies from the city were given a chance to represent themselves. Oh, wait, Charlie didn’t just level out, the next two speakers were men. Now, it’s all making sense. By the time I approached the bench, nose pierced, skin art and rainbow happy, Charlie had had just about enough. “Who are you? Where did you come from? Do you even live in the city of Franklin?” Geez, I hit pay dirt! This lunatic, after hearing of my sincere desire to keep an Animal Shelter in Franklin, decided I was a lesbian spawn that needed to be evicted. In ending, all the boys had their way with me. Yammering back and forth about stray cats and shooting them. I guess the most unfortunate part to this whole verbal defecation via Mr. Cournoyer is we have him until 2015. Look out ladies, Charles is in Charge!

Birds of a Feather

I wonder are we, democrats, all cut from the same cloth.  I used to think we were.  My family, devote catholics, have been nothing but hardcore democrats.  Tree hugging, middle class, white folk wanting to build a better world for their children.

Classic argument, ‘did you vote for Jimmy Carter, Janice?  I hope you did!  Why won’t you tell me?’

‘I’m not going to tell you because that is my right!  It’s a free society.  Who I vote for is private and personal!’ slams my mother.

Of course, she voted for Billy’s brother.  But it was her democratic right to keep that information top secret.  God love Democracy.

Yet, as of late, I look around these political arenas.  These den’s designed for denizen’s of phone banks, these family homes splayed open with freedom of speech extremist.  Have all those do good and good things will happen supporters of OBAMA, LYNCH, CLINTON and the KENNEDYS  lost a step?

I hear, let’s get some new blood.  Yet, the screams are from old blue bloods that have held the same seat, been given the same aristocratic privileges, for the same twenty or so years, shouting the same old lines, day after day after political day.  Does my fellow political volunteer with their house on a hill.  With their LL Bean Duck boots.  With their earth friendly coffee mugs filled with fair trade coffee.  Does this well off, no dirt under the nails, no broken down stance from years on a factory floor, does this elitist democrat really want change?  Or, is it just good politics?  Really?  Who’s life and lively hood is at stake?  Theirs or mine?