the Last Resort

‘Cause there is no new frontier…

We have got to make it here!


You call some place paradise…

kiss it goodbye.’


broken bits of a song…

every time I’ve heard it sung…

there is no admittance for my wrongs.

even in the midst of a rural confession

good time notions are interrupted by the footprints I have left on the ground

I am ignorant in the dirt… of any lesson

2.5 Minutes to Midnight


If the world should continue to fall into decay…would it continue to break me?

Or, would it be the love, I could no longer retrieve?

How easy would it be to dismiss the beauty…

Watch it bleed.

Witness it leave.

How infantile…these notions with branded courage.

Youthful toys building an Armageddon in the mind.

They were only no plastic friends.

Young, my tomorrow’s tomorrow…had no end.

Still, and now, when I play the mature kind…

How difficult it is to witness love and beauty bleed.

Watch them as they leave.



Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine?
‘Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here!
We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds.
In the name of destiny and in the name of God.

Last Resort/Don Henley, Glenn Frey



Salamander’s Paradise


There had always been the salamanders in the rain’s fold.

Sun orange.

Only to come out in the rain…or, so, I am told.

salamander-2 salamanders-1

A shine to the cosmos, more challenging in the fields of gray.

The only disconnect between the marsh, so palatable?

An anchored piece of lonely road.

Last Resort Lyrics
Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine? They called it paradise, I don’t know why You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye!

What Shall I Do

fear 4

What is this take and give

I ask the autumn sky

What of the beauty mistreated

What ofFears 1

What if

Searching here for years

Searching to give meaning to the fears

I swear to the shadow cast upon the leaf strewn ground

I will keep coming until I am found.fear 3

No matter,

the tears of fallen fear