Watched You Fall


Watched you Fall

No, I am not like you

you in your being of correctiveness

it's such a weary feeling
it’s such a weary feeling

the fake courtesy

when you've been stealing from yourself
when you’ve been stealing from yourself

the righteousness on which you insist.


All wrapped up in the mundane

I am not found fetal like nor am I kind.

I am what is dark, dismal and blind.


wishing the world away
wishing the world away




Forget the hidden diary

the closet and the unopened bottle of desperation

I don’t believe in forgiven indiscretions

I am not made of any specific social direction.

I come hot and run suddenly cold

blaming someone else
blaming someone else

I am all the power you mistakenly forget to posses

I am burden and I am bold.


i watched you fall
i watched you fall

Lying ever in an awakened state

I will not call on you

but forever await.