Pray Away the Gay?

impatient 3

Nothing has distracted me so much as; homophobia.  I am not a rainbow thumper.  I do not have large unicorn tattoos on my upper arm.  And, though, on occasion, I wear flannel and work-boots…I do so out of comfort.

There is such a large class of L.G.B.T.’s that one could say, there is as much a variety of homosexuals (and, alike) that we are similar to heterosexuals, in vast variety.

Never have I heard anyone of my kind say,

‘I wonder why he loves her?  Just doesn’t seem right!  She should find herself a good woman, and settle down!’


It is apparent through the passage of time that love is simply better than hate.  That good is better than bad.  And, lastly, finding someone to spend the rest of your life with…makes the roads ahead easier than, being alone.  Sometimes, in my confusion of the obvious, I ask myself a very easy, basic question:

‘What if, for just one day, the world went about it’s business…minding it’s own business?’

Electroshock treatment. Painful drugs. Dangerous brainwashing. These are the ‘treatments’ that lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are subjected to all over the world. These ‘cures’ are driving young people into depression and even suicide. Worse still, some people are actually making money from these ‘therapies.’ This has to stop. Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Imagine the internet being flooded with messages telling the world that LGBT people aren’t sick. That actually, being lesbian, gay, bi, or trans is something to be proud of. Let’s remind the world that your friend, your brother, your daughter, your teacher, or even you yourself aren’t sick. Let’s take down the homophobes and their ‘cures.’ Click here to share the image below on Facebook: