Holiday Hill

Pulling off onto Holiday Hill…

Looking for sophistication…still.

What to find without pills for the mind?

Bald mountains with white caps.

Shuttered Mom and Pop motels afraid of winter’s snow.

Deadpan trail cops, uncertain with authority.

Cabins for the fancy people.

Camps for the basics.

Time flies by on the tails of…risk-taking fowl.

Oh, memory be kind.

Now that I give myself away.

Twilight’s Mum

As the world turns, and, truth unfolds itself.

A fading light decorates all souls.fortunate-1

There sits summer’s blossom running on empty.

And, twilight’s mum, basks in the glow.

the Substance of Letting Go


The further away I get from the stagnation.

The more at ease I feel.

Yet, an inquiry begging me.

How far does the embattled flee.


There is nothing poetic to be said, about mid winter’s thaw.

The lurking of a musky past.

Pungent and raw.


Abandonment coming in lanky, sodden trials and tribulations.

Walks pardoning deliberate, devastation.

Renewed faith in the substance of letting go


walking away.

A once in a lifetime decision to remain frozen…

would allow the dirty to decay.


My thoughts crippled in the mud of old snow.

My stride enlightened



The further the distance between

the thaw



I chose You

It is told that the Laughing Buddha, Budai, would travel from town to village, embracing the joy of the stars. And, in fact, the happiness that can be found in the universe.

laughing buddha

…When a monk asked for further clarification on how to achieve Nirvana the monk Budai simply picked up his sack and walked into the forest – this was his answer for the novice monk.

Today, I chose Budai!

highly inappropriate 3
We are not perfect. We’ll learn from our mistakes. And as long as it takes, I will prove my love to you.  I am not scared of the elements. I am under-prepared, but I am willing And even better. I get to be the other half of you .Tell the world that we finally got it all right.   I choose you. -S.Bareilles

Bent not Broken


Dear Stranger

To do battle or to not

That is where I now stand.

In the thick of a mire

Knee deep in forever

wading in foggy miles of snow.

Have I won…

With the inquiry, a resounding, no.

These visions of souls dangle

across the bridges of my mind.

Vacancies of places I shall never find.

But with a step back…

I imagine how you were…

and, than,

of course, there is her.

Hardwood floors

Wall to wall

Dim light coming from the recesses of the hall.

Recover, uncover, 

had there been a secret lover.


what an exclusive ordeal.

Saved for days we wish to feel.