Bike Weak

Collecting all harmony in a tank of gas

I do not intend to toss my peace of mind…far or fast

And, when stage struck by the crackled pavement,

there can be moments of…

imageedit_7_5922669719being off task.

Bound by no determination, I am the wind.

I am the specks of soiled earth…bouncing about shaded glass.

I am

I am

A feeling that is unplanned and never lasts.

The cutting edge of this instant right here and now is always nothing less than the totality of everything there is…robert pirsig

the Art of Being

francis bacon self portrait

Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth…. Through words and concepts we shall never reach beyond the wall off relations, to some sort of fabulous primal ground of things.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Used Thoughts

I wet my appetite with the languish of…

old roads,

abandoned homes

and stories untold.

Hell bent on mysticism from possibilities existence.

Firm, are my devotion to lines in the snow.

And, where could they perchance…go.

Scars in the skin of life.

That never remain in the same path twice.

Mulling it Over

Mostly, I over think things.  Ponder; poetry, life, music, life, breathing, life, walking in the woods, life.  What bothers me or…inflicts the most deep daydreaming?  Life!

“Perhaps the Creator of this strange place knows us better than we know ourselves. Perhaps humanity was meant to eternally ponder the purpose and importance of our own existence. If we were assured of either, we’d be intolerable creatures.”  ##Tiffany Madison

What are words?

What actions?

For indeed,

they have no real precaution or repercussion on BEING.

Funny thing is.  With all this deliberation.  I am no closer to understanding anything!