Useful Idiot

Not too long ago, as a volunteer for Western North Carolina A.I.D.S. project, I can remember fighting every bit of ‘fake news’ delegated to the public.

For every time we were able to educate the public on the manner in which A.I.D..S can be transmitted…there had been twice as many opportunities for propaganda machines to…offer misinformation.

Originally, the illness had been portrayed as a hoax,   Simply put, Russia calling the autoimmune disorder…mythical, in order to put a tear into the glory of Western Civilization.

Along with the ‘original Fake News’ Russians suffered and died.

How have we come so full circle?

What is the Kremlin’s seven commandments of Fake News?Orange is the new Black

  • First Commandment:  look for cracks in target societies.
  • Second Commandment: create a big lie – something so outrageous, no one will believe it is made up.
  • Third Commandment: wrap that lie around a kernel of truth – disinformation is most successful when it has a small bit of truth in it.
  • Fourth Commandment: conceal your hand – make it seem that the story came from somewhere else.

And, here!  Here is the most important trick.  Thank you, #45!

  • ·  Fifth Commandment: find yourself a “useful idiot” – someone who would unwittingly push your message to wider audiences.
  • Sixth Commandment: when truth is uncovered – deny everything.
  • Seventh Commandment: play the long game – efforts might not bear fruit for years, but accumulated over a longer period of time they will eventually have a political impact.

How many lies by #45 so far in his presidency?

Over 5000 fact checked lies!  Now I ask, who is the true transmitter of Fake News?

Rebel? Do tell!



Rebel?  Do Tell!

What to do?

Succumb to a light and fluffier…Potentially merely, politically correct, America?

Peace-pipes exchanged for a dull razor and government issued needle?

A poor, white-man’s cause, dredging up miscreant laws?

How dare we refuse to bow for those who took our land?

For those who consider lack of education… as the great plan?

Should we dare not suffer…Under the hoods of pledges with no meaning?

Foggy attempts at what passes for News…

Must we be dreaming?

Ignorance and bliss?

Nothing but a pickpocket’s kiss.