iKuddle Litter Box?

I have had many cats over the years. Each one of them have been fastidious in their…potty routine! I took a survey among the felines that live in our happy abode, current day and the response was the same.

“Momma, that funny looking, motorized, cabinet…scares the shit out of us!”

Perhaps, that is what the product was designed to do!

A Women’s Best Friends

she just makes me want to be a better person

When you think about how much effort and pure existence, a cat and dog, put into taking care of you and training you.  It shouldn’t be a surprise when they stand at the door everyday…almost falling over to go out!

However, they stay with us for the mere fact…

‘we over indulge ourselves in their playful behaviors and God like personalities.’

With that worship they are willing to stay our best buddies.

‘If an animal will not come to you after having looked at you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience!’                                   -Woodrow Wilson