Frivolous Green

Without doubts…

A worker among thieves.

Fanning out among the glamour trees.

To behold the fern.

Is to be exact.

Feeling its fingers…

Nimble in the in between.

Braiding the sun.

assaying in and out of life.

Ever…So green.

As if, fulfilling the gaps of a ponderous dream.


I cannot say why I find the fern so fascinating.

It seems miraculous.

Always kneeling, praying, waiting.



Admiring the Light

There is a buoyancy that shines.

Perhaps, only in the passing by of the open windows in my mind.

A well-worn path decorated by last year’s foliage.

Patches of new-born ferns fanning the mild air.

But when I turn to admire the light?

It is no longer there.