A Broken Erected Challis

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Sometimes a brief visit is needed.

To places not with warrant… but insist on being remembered.

This cowardliness, tour, knows not of relationships…May or December.

Like so many before…  

It is easy to have forgotten the front door.

Clutter, shutter, trashy and gutter.

A place to go…when you realize you have not gone that far.

Where the ruts have become gaping divides.

A broken erected challis…providing not place to hide.

Thus, a kinship to all things left unfinished.

Prisoner to what could have been.

Nothing to be seen…in the midst of ruin…but buyer’s remorse.

Gutted from the inside out, as a matter of course.


Who’s Adult is This?

Without interruption...purposefully
Life without interruption…purposefully

In truth, life is difficult!  Had I learned that from the get go…while quietly being released from Rehab, things would have gone differently.  That perhaps, I would have tucked my tail between my legs and hauled ass back inside.

The hardest, most difficult decision we make is not ‘sobriety’ itself.  But the acts of kindness, adulthood, decision-making, foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc., that we must face after the pink cloud has lifted!

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“Believe more deeply. Hold your face up to the Light, although for the moment you do not see.”

#Bill Wilson