Drifting North


Winter is clattering at the back door.

Long worrisome hours of night falling on the skin.


hold still.

Love is not lost.

Up on geriatric pallets.

Made of used nails and scraps of tin.

The world we know,

inhabited with dark necessities.

A truthful love.

A truthful north.

Knows no pity.

Salamander’s Paradise


There had always been the salamanders in the rain’s fold.

Sun orange.

Only to come out in the rain…or, so, I am told.

salamander-2 salamanders-1

A shine to the cosmos, more challenging in the fields of gray.

The only disconnect between the marsh, so palatable?

An anchored piece of lonely road.

Last Resort Lyrics
Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine? They called it paradise, I don’t know why You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye!

In the Dancing Shade of Summer


In the dancing shade of the morning pines

I go searching for her spirit.

Year upon years, this is my choice, by design.

Year upon years, full knowing her shine is something I will never find.

In the oddest of manner, her actions remind me of mother and her nature.

How an awkward summer breeze can bring the charm of relief.

With her hands flat against a wall,

cynically…always leery of the fall.

It is in her purposeful silence that she makes the greatest remark of all.

Arms wide open, her innocence so green.

Having sustained an ocean of gray…

Seemingly born to jump the waves.

These morning thoughts cannot be introduced to anyone but myself.

It is in her rare laugh that I, too, shine.

I am weathered with its glow.

Such as the unavoidable seasons.

In her earthy silent remarks…it is there I find reason.