Gone, Gone, Gone…with Obamacare

ben franklin
If you need help.  Your hope dangling by a string.  I will share in your suffering to make you well.  -P.Phillips

Sometimes, it is less difficult to connect the dots to the actions we must take, as to not offend, someone.  As it does to, offend.  I believe it is a personal mythical goal of mine, to upset as many persons, as possible, before my time is through.  Either here on earth, or down in the, oh, so wonderful, balmy, weather, of hell.

At first, my inclination, with Obamacare, would take aim, with pen and paper and keyboard, at, republican woman.  I wanted to know such things as:

Don’t we share the same reproductive organs?

Is it okay for Sally to give birth to a child at the age of 12?  That is, knowing that, Sally had been raped by her father.  Her father, who is a well known, crack addict and I.V., drug user?

Should I, and many female artists I know, not be paid the same wage for the same job?

Should I have to worry, along with finances, heat, food on the table and taking care of my disabled spouse, about medical benefits, that are due to my wife?



What gives?  I paid into the system for over 35 years.  Social Security is not a privilege!  It’s my money!  Isn’t it?

After much consideration,

I decided that narrowing my editorial to just ‘evangelic, over zealous, white, upper middle class, women, would be an injustice.

Is Obamacare flawed?

Yes, indeed.  As is most, historical, unprecedented, government outreaches, are!  Should we attempt to fix an ailing but still quite, prolific, an workable, united health care system?

Shit, yes, we should.

Without much thought, I can count on at least one hand, families, that have benefited from a Universal Health care.  Families that were given the shit end of the shitty stick, just by being born.  Couples, individuals, and alike, who by simple proxy and alignment of the stars, have yet to pass GO and collect $200.

This is neither their fault, nor the fault of their up bringing.  They live in houses where heat is purchased at the local convenience store, at $10, at shot.  They cloth their children with other’s passed by clothing.  They sell family heirlooms, collectibles, and what not, to get thru winter.  Only to see that the beat up old Cavalier will not pass inspection in the spring.

Okay, JEB, Mr. Chris (I need a diet) Christie and/or the a sundry of other republicans, what do you purpose we do?  Take that cancer treatment away?  Cancer treatment that a friend needed but most likely would have not received.  Had it not been for mandated health care.

These are obvious flaws in the republican’s attempt at making nice nice with those who HAVE!  Honestly, they could care less about the have not’s!

So, I will attempt to spin this another way:

Coming up on Groundhog Day, 2016, I hope to have achieved something, my mother never thought possible.  I will, with the grace of a Higher Power, have 15 years of sobriety.

To put it bluntly,

“I woke up one day.  Saw my fucked up looking shadow…and, knew, I needed to quit drinking!”

We are in the midst of not only an epidemic of violence that far out reaches anything I witnessed as a child in the 70’s.  We are also, knee deep and in the thick of it, becoming a nation dependent on Heroin.

Back in the day, you could check in and promise to…pay it forward or pay it back, bit by bit, at rehabs.  That is before, rehabs became the trending topic of conversation.

It should also be noted, that when attending meetings, N.A. and/or A.A., it is typical to see, a housewife, a business person, a public official, etc.

I’m not great at math.  That is why I went into writing and psychology.  But, with that said;  how the hell do we take care of the growing number of addicts?  Who pays for their room and board?  Rehab and mental health counseling does not grow on trees.  And, even if it did, someone would have to pay for those trees!

It is obvious that to combat the on going crisis of addiction in this country, we must provide, healthcare coverage.  It is also evident that the way to stop addiction is by education.  I do not see removal of a Universal Healthcare coverage…as alleviating that issue.


 “My insurance will pay my primary care doctor more for a 10-minute appointment for the flu than it will allow my psychiatrist for an hour-long treatment session. For this reason, my own psychiatrist, along with many others, no longer accepts insurance.”

The situation is not good. In fact, it’s dire in a country where nearly 20 million Americans struggle with substance abuse and 42.5 million adults live with some form of mental illness, according to a Mental Health America report released in November 2014.


This kind of situation should be rectified.  Not eliminated altogether.  In America, these days, it seems we provide the race, give you the sneakers in which to run in, but if you aren’t pass the halfway mark in record time…you become, eliminated.  In more ways than one.freedom

the Teenaged Senior: A daughter’s dilemma

A Teenaged Senior and the Chaos they possess!

Senior Living: a daughter’s dilemma?

There is a quiet, and I am assuming, gentle little man that can be found at my local Gandhi convenience store. Gray haired, ashen and a bit on the pudgy side…Roger can only be unearthed at the Franklin Shop Express. He is either inside grasping his heart and being rude to customers. Or, he can be found outside, dirtying the earth with his Marlboro Red cigarettes. He is not an employee. No one is really sure where this Mickey Rooney knock off came from. He just is and he just arrives…out of the blue!

I chat with Roger…because he and I are on the same wave length: save the bullshit for the youngsters, we should be glad we get along.

I mention Roger because he seems to be doing the growing old thing with some style and with some sort of weird twist on ‘kick the can’…the New England way; crusty, cranky and stubbornly!

Roger is not a ‘teenaged’ senior…like my parents. Roger is a S.U.O. (senior of unknown origin). The type you would like to bring home to meet your centurion grandmother!

What is the requirement to be a teenaged senior?

  1. Older, galavant-ly matured persons…Little seniors fighting their own private technological war!’ These persons buy products to which Shark Tank would 0ffer a thumbs down and a middle finger up. And, to which, the gadget industry displays as infomercials on Sunday afternoons. Right after reruns of the Match Game’ and right before the Leave it to Beaver marathon!
  2. Teenaged Seniors are usually found off in the woods…in a home built for two. Set in a rustic setting with log cabin paraphernalia and artsy pictures of Covered Bridges. What sets these seniors apart from ‘normal’ ones? The loud noises! Everything is loud. The shutting of the refrigerator is a buxom boom, the wrapping of the known to everyone Christmas gifts can produce sounds equal to or louder than a show tune by Liberace volume 10!

    Why is it so loud? No one can hear each other…So they talk over each other…Therefore, we, they, just keep talkin’ over… each other. No one is heard but the good thing is? You get to tell and/or hear the same old story over and over again!

  3. These persons pass retirement and built with grit are willing to ‘pay for things they used to get free!‘ Paper bags, plastic bags, elastics, pens and pencils, candy from the jar at the bank, catalogs and the newspaper. These newly acquired objects of ‘another person’s trash is a senior’s person treasure,’ are often scattered about the house.

    Last year, I had been able to construct my own Shanty town out of newspapers, church flyers and L.L. Bean catalogs. This Shanty town was placed on my Teenaged Senior Parent’s lawn for the times when the whatchaMAcallits die!

  4. Jack and Jackie’s of all Trades but electronics…this worrisome group loves the following gadgets:

    GPS, Tablets, Blue Tooth and/or anything that plays games.

    ##It should be noted that recently, an elderly woman from a local town had gone missing. She was last seen trying to get Candy Crush Soda app on her GPS while searching for the nearest Dollar Store on her hand held Yahtzee game and taking her blood pressure with her Tablet!

  5. Seniors with maturity issues often come not only in pairs but in foursomes. Two small dogs, neurotic and pedigree generally find themselves a home with Teenaged Seniors. They are neurotic to begin with because they were adopted from a breeder on Craig’s list whose only recommendations were the NRA and the Moose Cutter’s Union. They continue on with their mental maladjustment by living in a loud house with persons that shower them with bling off the QVC network.

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In ending, you have caught yourself a Teenaged Senior if the following has been witnessed:

A man or a woman in a bathroom and sleepers with two extend A leashes and two coked out dogs! This person has just had a ‘spell’ in the a foot of snow and has fallen and is now yelling to their partner in crime. Their partner in crime is also in a bathrobe… It is 1: am….They are preparing to set out for the city to pay an insurance bill that has gone unpaid. Everyone has their perspective phones but none are on. There is music playing in the background…’your lights are on but no one’s home’!

Editors note:

My parents are Teenaged Seniors and have often been know to cook a steak at midnight. Forgotten to go to church though they have been going since Christ was a child. My mother currently holds the record for the largest collection of plug n play devices…for persons over 65. My father is currently adding to his screw driver set…he now has twelve in the bathroom, 16 in the family room, 10 in the office and none in the basement where they belong.

Last I saw of them, my mother had fallen because she needed that one last present out of the truck and could not wait. I’ve been told, ‘ssh, don’t tell your father!’

My father was listening to Raspberry Beret by Prince while heading to the 24 hour Pet Store at 3: am., to get a Thunder calming shirt for his over the top dog.

Me, I am just sittin’ around wondering…where’s roger?

This blog has designed specifically for those with selective sight!

Selective Sight: choosing to see only those things that we want to see!

-support your mental health everyday…humor and a good bowel movement should do the trick!

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