Box of Vows

I discovered my vows in the bottom of a box

Scribbled, smooth as silk….yellow, red, purple…

the words,

of love and such.

With tannery hands,

I brushed away the


I gently blew away the dust.

Endearment’s endeavors had been so young…way back when.

Impasse coupled with miracles…a constant friend.

Years of having worn my heart on my sleeve…lavished me in self proclaimed, misery.

It is only now, by virtue of, love’s vows…

I see the greatest gift of all.

‘You have taught me to take life less seriously.’

Hate Crime

Tell me where to turn.

Tell me where to be different.

Un-knife the knives.


Take back the barren bats banging on a coercive black tar ground.

Let me, us, believe, this is hatred.

Hatred cannot surrender until it is unearthed, out in the open and left for the restless to kick around.

Kick around, back to centuries ago.

To a place where the ignorant refuse to grow.


Leaning and Loving

I brighten when she and I mend and bind together.

No religion, no oblivion, just a feeling I wish to hold.

There is no mask I could wear that her fingers cannot trace.

When leaning her warmth into me…

My love understands, my mind…a porch swing.

Something high-strung…

An accident preparing for catastrophe.

When she leans into my darkness…

She leans into the darkness…nonetheless.

When She Goes Away

So surreal when she goes away.

For a moment, I am no longer tucked in by her gentle ways.

My vision is cut in half.

My wandering less vivid.

Being alone appears as a hard pass.

Broken concrete sits upon my feet.

Rugged, distant and very oblique.

When she goes away northern passages linger with rain.

When she goes away…I am no longer tucked in by her gentle ways.

You Humble Me

You humble me.

Be it ever so casually.

Still, you humble me.


As we shift into each other.

Loneliness bares it’s blanket…to those unfamiliar with the,

coil of your laughter.

Only to await…what comes after.


Your careening smile in times of silly matters.

The dust you leave behind…when being innocently kind.

Weathered steps…to your mind.


You humble me with your stilled black and white…

In the vulnerable night.

You humble me,

as though,

my only means for sight.