You Humble Me

You humble me.

Be it ever so casually.

Still, you humble me.


As we shift into each other.

Loneliness bares it’s blanket…to those unfamiliar with the,

coil of your laughter.

Only to await…what comes after.


Your careening smile in times of silly matters.

The dust you leave behind…when being innocently kind.

Weathered steps…to your mind.


You humble me with your stilled black and white…

In the vulnerable night.

You humble me,

as though,

my only means for sight.

Small Protests Count


Many purchases ago, I wandered into a ‘Cumberland farms.’  Or, as it is affectionately known, ‘Cumbies!’

I had three large dogs in a two door Ford Focus.  After handing over my debit card to the nervous clerk.  He rang me through, carton of Marlboro Reds, tank full of gas and three large Slim Jim’s…for the brood rocking the back of my car.

I did not look at the receipt.  I signed.  I left.  

Not one minute later…I had been accused of only paying for the cigarettes and snack.  

‘Why didn’t you look at the slip?  Were you going to get away with free gas?’

Long story short, the frightened, deer stuck in headlights, social media savvy, clerk…did not charge me for the gas.

A simple mistake?  Possibly!  However, after I returned to ‘pay up.’  The clerk and the police seemed…very suspicious.  After all, most good robbers often drive a too small car covered with hippie stickers and three large dogs in the back seat.

One that day, years from today, I vowed to never visit establishments…that have offered up…bad service.

New Year Resolution for those inclined to make a difference in…small ways.

Urban Outfitters –

Chairman Richard Hayne donates often to candidate that do not support gay rights.

The Salvation Army openly says that “practicing homosexuals” aren’t welcome in their organization and they have lobbyists in D.C. and abroad who work to prevent gay rights legislation from being enacted.we-help-people

Chick-fil-A –

Openly homophobic president, Dan Cathy.  Company donates yearly to anti-gay causes.


Refuses to offer benefits to LGBTQ employees.

Boy Scouts of America

Most recently allowed for openly gay scouts.  Strongly discourages openly gay scout leaders.

What can happen with the little protests?  Every great movement started in small ways!

Not since 2013, when a boycott of Barilla brand pasta raged around the world, has the Italian company been the focus of so many headlines.

Chairman Guido Barilla changed the course of that debacle by recanting some alarming antigay comments!

“I have heard the countless reactions around the world to my words, which have depressed and saddened me. It is clear that I have a lot to learn about the lively debate concerning the evolution of the family,” he said. “In the coming weeks, I pledge to meet representatives of the group that best represent the evolution of the family, including those who have been offended by my words.”

LGBTQ Nation



Love and Diversity


Love does not entitle us.

Love does not offer a direct route…

blissfully,shifting… frequently in the sway of the soul.

The road to our terms of endearment…often not the same.


‘We’ Belong

I had only taken left turns to find her…that had begun our story.

Once inside the world of fractured words…

No diva to be had, just polyester, linoleum…all corrupt.

I told her once,imageedit_1_4574926495

“I am a run down shack with too many walls.”

She said,imageedit_2_8248040154

“Well, that is for certain.  But I am damaged too.  Together not quite new…slightly used.”


Quirky Kind of Love

She thinks my words are obscene and, peppered with perfection.

She is in awe of how I prepare for accidents and incidents…I cannot control.

The records she keeps are of all the mistakes…I have yet to own.

In and out of our blind-spots…imageedit_158_5996355660

I may believe love too often tragic.

She frequently believes any love is mystical and some sort of magic.