Hidden on Commercial Street

Flipping of a coin from tail to head. cart-wheels on the beach. Drag Queen working the beat on Commercial street. Bare-footing, on the sultry tar. Hidden seaport cemeteries overgrown with unknown kin. Similar searches... Performed like a well manicured dance from centuries ago. Gentle Journeymen and Women with unease being the common goal. A sense … Continue reading Hidden on Commercial Street


Dreaming in Rainbow

Grew up in vivid red. Amassed my mind from toe to head. Not prison of gray. Not a reprimand of black. Only paint brushes filling in all that I lacked.   Day to day. Reflections and distance seemed the only blurred scene. Such is life. Living out loud in someone else's strife.   Words of … Continue reading Dreaming in Rainbow

Stop Making Sense

When young I could not rearrange the shame. I only heard words such as, 'You are queer.' It was then...I drew the terms of isolation near. Amassed myself in, ribbons, bows and the pink of fear. Attending to only, 'I knew there was something strange about you.' A parent's abolishing phrase? Words only a child … Continue reading Stop Making Sense

Say, Hey, Harvey!

Once upon a time, a small convenience store...elderly clerk, young males (approximately, 3 or 4) and, a single Tomboy/girl...singled out from the pack. As the youngsters crowded the candy counter... "You don't wanna get those candy cigarettes...You are such a fag!  Only queers get those!" Tomboy/girl... Turns and walks out.  No purchase.  No sign of … Continue reading Say, Hey, Harvey!