to Kiss a Rainbow

If I avoid her...the fist comes, tender, but...abrupt. How dare the game to ask me to explain? The fragility hangs loose on my lips. The danger invokes my boxed up mind. But no explanation will raise my spirits. Yet, in truth... No one else but me... Will ever fit. She Used to be Mine It's … Continue reading to Kiss a Rainbow


Holy Insecurity

No certainty. To the reliance of reflection I see. Thus, what of the transformation into an iron cross of discovery? Un-anchored spirits from forbidden doorways. Youthful were the vestiges I held to the light. Now they are only recollections of disappointed blasphemy. ≤ How true these reflections in me? How honest can the hues be? … Continue reading Holy Insecurity

Hard to Hold

The heart. Her heart. Brings me home. Just as sure as, a door shuts.  And, a bag gets unpacked. Always, reminiscent... True love, is aware of the facts. ∀ I am removed and placed upon a former shelf. Life, begins to...unpacks itself. ∀ When, quagmires, await my vague footprints. My love takes a restless hand. … Continue reading Hard to Hold

Tumbler of Forgotten Notes

How transcending... Wonderful moments, historic and sweet. Then emotions fell into retreat. A repugnance...cast its shadow on me. When I misplaced the lesson plan. Love had learned to mis-handle all that I had believed. An unmarked headstone. As if, I were a character in an ancient mystery. Crude bones. An uninvited tombs became my destiny. … Continue reading Tumbler of Forgotten Notes

4 Lesbian Eyes Only

I do not know how to; grow old, grow tired, walk with a limp, acquire a handicap plate, give in, give up, etc.  The tools given...unto me were... Sarcasm Judgement the Good Bible...and the Bad Bible Heterosexuality...Did not do me any good other than...Realize, blow jobs were gross. Birth Control pamphlets under my teen-aged door. … Continue reading 4 Lesbian Eyes Only