Manger of Daydreaming Luxury

In the cradle of her arms…

There is never a hastened hush.

It is a haven of opulence.

And, I am…it’s welcomed visitor.

Though my time there is often visceral.

I go there to expose my painful history.

If I could choose where to fade away…

I would be where the taste meets on her lips.

Placed ever so gingerly at the curvature of her hips.


for now,

I am resigned…during daunting times…

To seek out what my love…so freely gives.

A manger of daydreaming luxury.

In which to lay my weary head.

Nothing spoken of conditions.

Nothing needed to be said.

Misidentified with Art


A Distant Resistance

Are not they all,

out-cast by their own demons?

Some curious curios paying from a penal’s penance.

Admittedly, a life’s work destined for resistance.

Is but a man’s world.

With a woman’s embrace.

An androgens fare?

Or, deliberate dexterity for those imprisoned there?

Our history is yet to be complete…as many, grasp for women before.

Subversiveness not a weakness, something more.





Freda Laughton

Now I am a Tower of Darkness

As a child I knew
How, beyond the lamp’s circuit,
Lay the shadow of the shadow
Of this darkness,

Waiting with an arctic kiss
In the well of the staircase,
Ready to drape the bed with visions
No eyelids can vanquish.

Now I am a tower of darkness,
Whose windows, opening inward,
Stare down upon tidal thoughts.
And in this responsive bell,

Hollowed by the silence of the eyes,
The mind swings its clapper.
And life resolves into relationships
Of cadence and dissonance.

Freda Laughton












American Beauty



So hard to shed the ideals…placed on us about beauty.  What it is?  How it makes us?  Where we can take it?  Why it is what it is?

Seems the most obvious parallel is…beauty is internal, fear external…and somewhere in between the two shall meet.  Inner beauty is that moment when we realize…we cannot have one without the other!


“Someone else’s vision will never be as good as your own vision of your self. Live and die with it ’cause in the end it’s all you have. Lose it and you lose yourself and everything else. I should have listened to myself.”
Georgia O’Keeffe

the Distance Between You and Me

going the distance

Thou I may never touch you

Be within you

The intrigue does not rest.

All I have is my distant best.

Lurking around every corner

the beat of a lonely heart

the night’s sweat

the missing pieces of puzzle

A chance to catch my breath.

The distance between you and me

The distance between me and you

Beyond the pages of the lust I once knew.

In my mind’s eye

a sweet spotthe distance from me to you 2

a raised hair upon your neck

the look

the stare

the bed.

How far we will look for a reassurance of ourselves

How far will I look for a reassurance of me.

the distance from you and me 1

1 Lesbian’s Library

This Post is Dedicated to the Captain and Tennille…the only couple that made me think straight!

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