You Say You Want a Revolution

Start the Revolution Without Me
Start the Revolution Without Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The U.S. vs. John Lennon (soundtrack)
The U.S. vs. John Lennon (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of social media, I have found one redeeming quality; the right to be proven wrong.
There has been a growing long distance relationship between myself and a heterosexual male from Detroit
This meeting of the minds happened over a year ago and I am grateful for the growth it has given me everyday of my ‘not always politically correct but trying’ life.
Who doesn’t love a verbal or written spar? I have always relished in it. And, for that matter, my upbringing has called for it and embraced it. Though often I hear these words, your mouth is always getting you in trouble.’
So be it. My buddy from Detroit miles and piles of shit in between our locales, is liberal, political, substantial and disabled! What a find! With very little encouragement on my part, D, as I will call him, will find the smallest hole in an argument and take it to the highest plateau…drop it and see what it hits on it’s way down.
Today and tonight our focus is on Too Much Government! Too Many Cooks stirring the Biochemical Pot, so to speak.
Perhaps, D is right, it isn’t that there is too much government but more along the lines of too much trash talk and not enough put your money where your mouth is.
Why dwell on our Dumbed Down Ambien’s of America‘s Upper Middle Class Wasteland?
Yet, spar with intellectuals who want to see change.
In a simpler manner and/or along the lines of a story I will explain exactly what I mean:
I had met Ambien/Annie Grace who could have be easily mistaken for a Brittany or a Katelyn or a Mercedes!
I had asked, ‘so you are voting for Obama, right?’
Response, ‘Nope, my Father Floyd says he wants to ruin Medicare and offer hand outs to the poor.’
Aghast I spoke with as even a tone as I could muster, ‘but you’re gay! How could you even remotely think of voting for someone who can’t stand the ground you walk on?’

Response from Dumbed Down Twenty-Something, ‘gee, I never thought of it that way. I don’t plan on getting married any time soon, though…if that means anything’

What is right? What is wrong?
If we don’t push our educated selves into seeing beyond the glass slipper we will fail to make any change. To educate via a high education is one thing. To acquire the necessary depth it takes to make ineffectual effectual actually requires the wanting to go beyond words and to search for their meaning.
Thank you, D, you are a delight in a world ashen and paled by devices devised to make us more convenient.
Shame on you parents, colleges, workplaces and a vast array of other Holier Than Thou Institutions for sending these kids out into the world with their thumb up their ass and their diploma a flag of still waters running not so deep.

Only the Meek need apply

conformity (Photo credit: the|G|™)
Our ignorance
Our ignorance (Photo credit: Loulair Harton)

Kate, I don’t know if you know who I am.  I’m a friend of Ambien’s, my name is Bianca.  Ambien is a little over the top upset right now. Normally I try and stay out other people’s relationships, but she’s really upset and she’s been drinking all night… From all I can get from her I truly believe that maybe you could both use some space to clear your head, and get some perspective on this. Up until today Ambien has always described you as mature, sweet, and just overall a put together person, I’d have hoped that some of that would rub off on her.

. If you need someone to tell your side of the story to, I’m here to listen, But I truly believe you two need some space to stop, take a breath, and reflect on whatever has gone on between you.  She really is close to losing it again…


Kate, I’ve only just seen this message. Hopefully you found another way to pass it. Even though Ambien and I have always been close I live far away from her now so I don’t have as much chance to keep an eye on her like I used to.  I know her mother is pissed about the whole homosexual, work romance thing…Hopefully getting away from that attic and the knives…will do her some good.  I’ll try and pass on your concerns.

What happens when the meek inherit the earth?  What happens when people blindly stalk without a question in their hearts?

I can tell you many things happen.  The Boston bomber who survived would have kept on shadowing every little fucked up detail his older brother fed him.  Until death did they part.

The victims of every concentration camp would still just be another number and corpse for with every leader there has got to be a brainless, brainwashed disciple.

Jim Jones, yup, him too.  Any wacked out cult from Texas, you guessed it, filled with Ambien laced zombies who lack direction unless a finger points them out of their own way.

I am a hanger-on.  I may travel as Ambien, the Annie C., Grace and sidekick in memory only, Beckett Couvllliion, but I am in need of someone to watch over me at all times.

I am the accident that people can’t help but stop and look at.  I have thrown my weight into my ambiguity, so I am not only aimless and clueless without guidance, I am large and definitely not wanting to be in charge.  Volunteering to make this world a better place has become my misguided shield.  Again, I can go blindly forth following the footsteps of my just like everyone else supervisors and profess that I have no true cause.  Twenty-something, dumbed down and easily marketed for a cult wanting to happen.



I Always Feel Like Somebodys Watching Me

P.S. Send Beckett Couvillion my love
Send Beckett Couvillion my love
Or, with a volunteer chaser
Or, with a volunteer chaser

Dear Sir or Madam….

My supervisor forwarded your message to the division in which she would serve. As an advocate of volunteer service, I know you realize that service can alleviate many kinds of depressions. And sometimes, it can’t. I don’t know what the next steps will be. However, it will be useful for the staff to be aware of your friends special vulnerability to herself and others.
I thought that you were courageous.
There are places to serve much closer to your friend’s doctor…They can be found by on-line searches.
I expect there are some mid-season opportunities open as well….

Aaah, the joys of volunteering. Do you suppose that someone is watching over me. Making sure that the ‘sharps’ don’t get slipped into the pocket of my Mother Theresa approved workpants…Some supervisor somewhere down the line of red tape is aware of the suicide attempts, the lack of ‘old college’ try when it comes to staying clean and sober.
I am vulnerable I suppose. I smile ever so sweetly with my new-found friends the Blue Shade of Bombed Out in Virginia Volunteers. I just hope they like me…
I lost all my friends on Facebook.
Keep your fingers crossed for me in my endeavours to devour what is good in others and learn not a speck of respect in my tryst to making it all about me..
Volunteer on I say..
Yours not Truly,
Ambien, the Annie C., Grace

the Unexamined Life


Comfort (album)
Comfort (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“So I think that I’m a failure! Well, I think, therefore, I am, a failure, that is! What’s wrong with that? In the first place, if I had any sense at all, I have learned this from failure: we pay just as dearly for our triumphs as we do for our defeats and a failure can go as far as an achievement, when resonating in someone’s thoughts on my character.
So, to all the adult under achievers and life on life’s terms, dropouts- Go ahead and fail. But fail with wit, fail with grace, fail with style. A mediocre failure is as insufferable as a mediocre success. Embrace failure! Seek it out. Learn to love it. That may be the only way any of us will ever be free.”

I have described my failings as a world a part from the world I see.  I have Traveled with Ambien Grace and fallen out of step with what is expected of me.

But I will stumble miserably with all the intelligence I can’t muster!

Stupefied with Ignorance-

Ambien, the Annie, Grace

LMAO-looking for job references!

Dumbing down of philosophy
Dumbing down of philosophy (Photo credit: TheCreativePenn)

When one graduates from college these should not be the only thoughts on their mind:

I’d rather just skip the skype tonight…
and for the record, no i can’t actually read. i dont comprehend 3/4 of what i read.
No, good deed goes on unpunished I guess, or so I’ve been told.
Here we go always, ashamed to admit it, but what does that saying even mean?
Somebody find me a job. I’ll pay you!
Ambien Not so Full of Grace