Lonesome is the Snow

An exercise in futility. Trudging over open snow. Lonesome for place in which to go. To reminisce... while the quiet, that envelopes me. If only the silence held... For all to witness. For particles of elements. The slimmest of hopes... To see. Still I struggle with a snow stroll. And, still I will walk, long … Continue reading Lonesome is the Snow


A Shanty High Above the Ground

What I could have? Could have given? Living so high above the ground. Golden hair, all around. Or, perchance an ice-house. Villains frozen. Prize targets for my bait. I would bar the gate to all who say, 'flannel demons are your fate.' Collectors of Rail man watches and leather straps? Would be imprisoned by constant … Continue reading A Shanty High Above the Ground

Gathering Leaves – Robert Frost

Spades take up leaves No better than spoons, And bags full of leaves Are light as balloons. I make a great noise Of rustling all day Like rabbit and deer Running away. But the mountains I raise Elude my embrace, Flowing over my arms And into my face. I may load and unload Again and … Continue reading Gathering Leaves – Robert Frost

Feathering Milk Weed

Cedar shakes. Pastoral dreams. Enlightenment dangling... Somehow, in between. A simple gift given among the fire reds...and, rich greens. Decadent dirt roads providing me with a diversity. A luring contrast among all rights. And, all the wrongs. With enough summer windows closed. Frost against my pain. Much of the disquiet is not where my searching … Continue reading Feathering Milk Weed

Paper Brown

Proper paper brown. You will have your time. Many moments lying ahead. For your dull shine. Tan? Dressed in stormy camouflage. You too will soon disperse your love. But the vacancy sign... Has yet to be hung. For Barefoot red is still in the yard for play. Orange extract doused with gold hue. She has … Continue reading Paper Brown