Feathering Milk Weed

Cedar shakes. Pastoral dreams. Enlightenment dangling... Somehow, in between. A simple gift given among the fire reds...and, rich greens. Decadent dirt roads providing me with a diversity. A luring contrast among all rights. And, all the wrongs. With enough summer windows closed. Frost against my pain. Much of the disquiet is not where my searching … Continue reading Feathering Milk Weed


Paper Brown

Proper paper brown. You will have your time. Many moments lying ahead. For your dull shine. Tan? Dressed in stormy camouflage. You too will soon disperse your love. But the vacancy sign... Has yet to be hung. For Barefoot red is still in the yard for play. Orange extract doused with gold hue. She has … Continue reading Paper Brown

Outside the Tent

With buoyant impression. Another change in the night...that falls. As if, my running through intrepid waters could oppose a stall. As if, my stumble, minus, a sideways glance could impede... 'every season, I cannot recall.' With luxury, near, close at hand. A chill slaps a splash toward my heavy load. In the still air... Time … Continue reading Outside the Tent

Late August Winds

Lackluster cluster...verging on retreat. The daylight ascending... higher and higher. Lighter and lighter. I am, as always, not willing to say, 'goodbye.' Ill prepared for the crystal clear moments... From the night's sky. ∞ Fall crab apples have begun to float hastily to the water's edge. Such is summer's past and, manners all to their … Continue reading Late August Winds

Frivolous Green

Without doubts... A worker among thieves. Fanning out among the glamour trees. To behold the fern. Is to be exact. Feeling its fingers... Nimble in the in between. Braiding the sun. assaying in and out of life. Ever...So green. As if, fulfilling the gaps of a ponderous dream.   I cannot say why I find … Continue reading Frivolous Green