the God of the Woods

the gods of the woods 4
Do Not be Fooled…the NRA owns the media.  It is just another…political affiliation!

All these people in a hurry to kill

Tell me about these missteps of those high on cheap thrills

the gods of the woods 1

Shots ringing out

crossing paths of all ill wills


what of those standing still.

Those standing still to their gods, their idols, their icons

No matter, we cannot all play god.

the gods of the woods

Whispering among the pines,

just hunting down overstock

Clearing, clearings, of mother’s and their lot.

Who are we

What gives

Taking those who to choose to live.

Hard for some to see

Not all want to play the hunter’s game.

Taking a bite of nature for the sake of…

look what I tamed.

Oh, what a forest of good intentions.

Sheltering skies of mounting mentions.

Beast of our burdens give our vanity a nod

Heeding to our wanting to play god

I have an idea...Instead of taking a kid hunting...Take them to the site of a school massacre!
I have an idea…Instead of taking a kid hunting…Take them to the site of a school massacre!

IN the house of the Blonde

the Buddha dog who's mind is everywhere but nowhere equally
the Buddha dog who’s mind is everywhere but nowhere equally
Ruthie inquired: If I dig you correctly…I mean to say, if I get the skinny on the low down; one who wishes to obtain perfect wisdom should study the way things are in the world and they should practice daily perfections but yet, believe them to be un-real!  For that matter, what I read on the internet and see in my own backyard…I should not pay homage to the silliness or write about them or make them false gods…per say?
Mr. Buddha replied:
Just so, Ruthie.  Right on Momma!  One who contemplates life or being in a conformed or not conformed manner is now an expert.  He or she can go about the world pointing out the ‘truth’ to others.
to get rid of an enemy one must consider him a delusion or one's self as delusional
to get rid of an enemy one must consider him a delusion or one’s self as delusional
For example, do you see that gun over there?  It is not real.  Nor is the fear that some non follower of the truth will take it and pop you right in the ass because you tied your shoes the wrong way.
To show these non believers the truth words are not always needed.
Ruthie questioned:
But is this just for the wise and knowledgeable?
“No, quite the opposite,”  replied Mr. Buddha.
“This is open to all, even the dull witted and to those who lack medication.  The door is open to all but the one that is lazy and ignorant.  For example, look at yourself, Ruthie.  You fell blindly in the idea of un-attachment and are now looking down the barrel of a gun!”
Thought for the RandomwordbyRuth day:
An empty mind will travel swiftly!
If Elvis has left the building so shall you
If Elvis has left the building so shall you