foot 6


Vanity, living crippled

tossed about in prose

with little inspiration.

Truth is never that simple.

It is a vengeful game,

the circle called life.

Worn down to fragmented sentences…

it unfolds precariously,

as if it were a storybook pocket knife.

So, with its own pace…

off comes the pageantry of leather and lace.

Anchored down like a ship adrift in the desert.

An ego of passion, ages, less lace, more hapless effort.

These are not handicapped visions.

Nor, clairvoyant disabled, decisions,.

Simply, matters of the heart, at recess.

A recant of which…

foot 3self came first.

Let grace ring

Let grace ring on…

on broken wing and iron wheel.

Let grace meet the path where feet cannot feel.

Cane and Able

cane and able 1

  • Her parts are falling off.
  • One purposeful part at a time
  • and, to this she must be resigned
  • This, this, is an adult nursery rhyme
  • Conducted by a Higher Power and it’s design
  • The difference?
  • Love and Hate and her thin lines
  • Could have happened a decade ago
  • Just as it did yesterday
  • And, as it goes…most likely…everyday
  • A simple message to a loved one
  • It is a walk and it’s cast
  • It is an ugly indefinite
  • To which a simple reply
  • ‘True love never questions, WHY’
  • ‘True love…sometimes handicapped…by design’

cane and able 1