Transgender –

Poem by Valsa George

Applied rouge on the cheeks
Tied a glittering necklace round the neck
Putting heavy makeup,
Over the stubble on her shaven chin,
She looked into the mirror

Through its cracks, saw a million bits of her/him
Those images sneering at each other
She felt trapped in a wrong body,
With its contours n’ longings mismatched

“Where do I belong”?
“Where do I fit”?

These questions plague her incessant
A rough stone with sharp edges
Too hard to be chipped down
Cast aside by the mason
That can never go into the making of a Cathedral

She walks around in haze
Life seems a twisted maze
Each time she tries to claw her way
She sees only walls that hems her in
Before her, lingers the stygian mist
Phantoms of darkness surround her

The winds of change swiftly blow
Seasons come and go

But she is tied down in her chains
An anomaly of creation
A curse and a taboo
Swallowing stigma and abuse
Each day waking up with a start
Knowing that she is neither a woman nor a man
But a non binary… an accursed TRANSGENDER
Inviting snide looks
And sniggers from onlookers

People call her a eunuch
One divided between the selves
A hapless denizen of an inhospitable world
Disowned even by parents

Though flawed and far from perfect
She is human, one of a kind
And needs to be seen through the eyes of God!

Broken Branch of a Family Tree

I have tried to blend your letter with my existence.  Still the image that arrived had been brittle and contrived such as, the northern winds.

We have been two infinities of an ill mended collage.

A door unhinged.  Your words fall to the ground…dripping and unglued.

There is no room left for family in the tree.100_1211

From a dead end branch to another…there can be no integrity.


But as your letters come and go…

I had hoped you would learn to spell…



What Does ‘Now’ Hate Know of Love

So commonplace now, the trickle down gun shot tears…from a mad clown.

Only means of recourse, to recover the slanted mind from the sand…


No vacancy messages.

Airwaves telling of what is to come.

myra evans disappointed

There are three crows circling from above.

What does NOW hate…know of love?

I could walk the tilted land endlessly searching the heaven’s below.

Rummaging the hell above.

The question will remain…

What does NOW hate…know of love?


Political World

We live in a political world.  Love don’t have any place.  We’re living in times where men commit crimes.  And, crimes don’t have a face.
We live in a political world.  Icicles hanging down.  Wedding bells ring and angels sing.  Clouds cover-up the ground.


We live in a political world.  Wisdom is thrown into jail.  It rots in a cell.  Is misguided as, hell.  Leaving no one to pick up the trail.

We live in a political world…Where mercy walks the plank.  Life is in mirrors, death disappears.  Up the steps into the nearest bank.

We live in a political world…Where courage is a thing of the past.  Where courage is a thing of the past.  Houses are haunted, children are unwanted.  The next day could be your last.

Bob Dylan




Gender Stole My Identity


Got the ‘look’ today…As I walked into the woman’s bathroom.  In all honesty, the sign should not have held a, woman in a skirt image.  It should have had caution tape around the door knob!  But that is a discussion for another time.

I’ve written about the…’look’ before.  A sideways glance or, perhaps a, out and out, sizing up of my ‘persona.’

In my younger days, after a few too many drinks, I have actually stated…

“Yes, I have a vagina!”

To the lurker dressed in polyester, slightly turned inward, scowl and judgmental manner upon her well lined face.

However, today, I really had to take a piss!

Long story, not made short, I am prompted to write…yet again, about the silliness.  Yes, I am old enough to have fought in some initial wars.  HIV, AIDS, physical assaults (which are now called, HATE CRIMES.)  Smack dab in the trenches of watching my friends die, witnessing my friends decide to leave their ‘truth’ behind…in order to appease their family.  Walking in ‘Gay Pride’ marches and being hit with bigot signs.  Knowing, Bob wanted to finish transferring to Lindsay…yet, stuck in the middle because the money ran out.

As the diminishing gay male friends fell to the side of the road around me.  Trying my best as an out ‘sister’ to offer a form of peace…I knew in the heart of my deepest recovering catholic heart…there was no turning back!

Below, I offer the following list of terms (most of which, at the age of 51.)  I did not know.


Agender Somebody who either feels they have no gender identity, or who identify not as male or female but ‘neutral.’

Aporagender A fairly new word stemming from the Greek ‘apor’, meaning ‘separate’. Aporagender is an umbrella term meaning “a gender separate from male, female and anything in between while still having a very strong and specific gendered feeling.” That latter part is key, then, distinguishing it from Agender.

Bigender Relatively straightforward: a bigender person sees themselves as having two gender identities. The separate genders could both be male, or female, mixed or other – and may be felt at the same time or entirely distinctly.

Butch Used as both a noun and an adjective, this refers to a person who identifies as masculine (either physically, mentally or emotionally). The term is occasionally used as a lesbian slur, but has been reclaimed by some gay women and turned into a affirmative label.

Cisgender Pronounced “siss-gender”, this refers to anybody who identifies with the same biological gender they were born with. Tentatively, then, it could be seen as the opposite of transgender.

Demigender A catchall term for all identities that only have a partial connection to a certain gender. Demiboy and demigirl are also frequently used.

Femme Used by and for anybody who identifies as feminine, but more commonly associated with feminine-identifying gay women.

Genderfluid A term describing individuals for whom gender is unfixed: they fluctuate between different identities aside from their biological assignment.

Gender neutral A synonym for ‘agender’: somebody who identifies with no gender.

Gender queer An umbrella term covering any feelings about gender alternative to society’s traditional expectations.

Intergender One of the oldest (and thus often deemed outdated) terms, this is used by anybody whose gender identity is between male and female. Some believe intergender should only refer to those born with different genitals to the norm, though this is more commonly known as ‘intersex’.

Nonbinary Fairly simply, anybody who doesn’t identify as simply female or male.

Polygender Identifying with several different genders either at the same time or different times. Normally the term is given to those with four or more.

Transgender/Trans An umbrella term for any individual whose gender identity is different from what is typically associated with their assigned biological sex at birth. It should be noted that transgenderism is a gender identity and not a sexual orientation, therefore no assumptions should be made as a result.

Not really sure how to express my confusion.  However, I’m gonna give it a shot.  By per-curing a label (or, many labels) are we not forgetting everything in our soul?

Back in the late 70’s:  I didn’t want this or that title.  I wanted to be me.  Now, I understand, to stand up for legal rights, a term must be allotted.  But I hope to holy hell that in the pit of a young person’s soul…There is a movement to categorize who they truly are.

Did I want to be know as, gay?  Did I want to be known as, straight?  No!  I just wanted to be known as, me.  Someone who wanted to love.  Someone who wanted to give…love.  To the right person.  Regardless of their identity!